Hot Fitness Fashions for Cold Fall Weather

From leggings to waterproof bags, equip yourself with these 10 picks

With summer coming to an end and the cool breezes of fall sweeping in, it’s time to swap those shorts for clothes that are guaranteed to keep you warm. Lucky for you, fall fashion week just ended, leaving fitness junkies with some practical (and fashionable) fitness trends for the season. And don’t worry—whether you prefer a wild workout wardrobe or like to keep it simple, we have weatherproof options for you.

Cozy Pullovers
Yes, you can keep your summer tanktops, but you’re going to need a pullover to get you warmed up. Whether you decide to go with a motivational saying like, “Never give up,” or keep it simple with a basic brand like Nike, having layers during your workout is a smart idea, especially if you’re an outdoors exerciser.

Nike ‘Rally’ Funnel Neck Top

Café Press SHUT UP & SQUAT Hoodie

Insulated Leggings
For fall 2013, leggings in bright colors and wild prints are popular. You’ll be sure to make a statement at the gym with leopard-print bottoms, but you don’t have to get wild to stay warm. With insulated options perfect for running outdoors, you’ll have no excuse not to go on that morning jog.

Reebok Women’s Coldweather Running Tights

Icebreaker BF150 Leggings With Fly

Warm Jackets
You’re going to need something to throw over your workout outfit while getting to and from the gym. There’s nothing better than a warm, functional fitness jacket. And it’s not reserved solely for workouts—some of these stylish outwear pieces could work for a post-workout dinner or a celebratory happy hour drink. Why not reward your fitness accomplishments with something stylish? You deserve it.

Nesh NYC Asym Jacket

Athleta Spritz Jacket

Long-Sleeve Tops
You don’t need to be wearing a skimpy tank to show off those toned arms. With the weather getting colder, your best bet is to go with something long-sleeved and fitted, and there are tons of trendy choices available. Whether you go with cotton fabric or Under Armour, these options will keep you toasty while you’re getting toned.

Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Scent Control
Under Armour Men’s UA Scent Control Heatgear Long Sleeve

Waterproof Gym Bags
With fall and winter comes unexpected weather conditions. You’re going to want a heavy-duty bag that can handle rain, snow and sleet. Don’t keep hanging on to that tattered old gym bag that has tears and holes in it. Yes, it’s a bit of an investment, but purchasing a bag that will last is worth it in the long run.

REI Balance Gym Bag

DRY PAK Waterproof Duffel