Honey for Healing On-the Go: Active Essentials

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The right items in pack or pocket can make all the difference this summer. Find out what the gear experts from Active Junky recommend for all your amazing outdoor adventures.

Ah, sweet nectar that’s been romanticized back to Egyptian times.  Despite recent setbacks in the U.S. bee population, the goodness still flows in a stunning array of forms and flavors; honey takes on the distinctive character of an area’s plants.

Our Experience: Beyond being an energizing alternative sweetener in beverages and foods, honey sticks it to bacteria when applied to minor cuts and burns.  AJ’s used it while hiking and traveling on arms, legs and feet.  Recent eating of Manuka Honey cut recovery time from an upper bronchial infection.

Others Who Agree: Norwegian studies affirm the topical healing properties.  WebMD posts instructions for employing honey on wounds.   Surface application has been known to help ulcers heal.  Eating honey delivers energy at a documented 17g of carbs per tablespoon.

Our Recommendation: Learn more about honey and its dietary implications.  Carry a small packet on an upcoming trip in case of minor cuts or abrasions.  Make your sweet life even sweeter in 2015.

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