The Most Athletic Dog Breeds in the World

These dogs have been bred for speed, strength and agility
The world’s most athletic dog breeds


While any individual dog can be energetic and in-shape, certain dogs have been bred to be athletes. Some are brawny bruisers while others are scrappy, lean racers.[slideshow:104539]

These breeds are considered world-class athletes who can outrun Olympians, fight off bears, traverse thousands of miles and achieve more athletic accomplishments.

No matter their size or talents, these dogs are motivated by instinct to run, jump, swim and more, making them perfect companions for people seeking an enthusiastic, four-legged member of their active family.

Fido’s innate need for activity may just play a role in helping you fend off heart disease and other ailments associated with an overly sedentary lifestyle, but which types of pups are most athletic by nature?


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