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Your body weight is your best asset in strength training. When you’re ready to step it up and make each exercise a little harder, go for the dumbbells. These weights are extremely inexpensive compared to bulky machines and offer nearly identical benefits.


Floor Mats

Bigger is better, make sure the mat you’re using covers the entire area you plan to use. Don’t go for a carpet; instead opt for a surface you can wipe down with plenty of padding for your joints.


Stability Ball

This ball will be great for core work and makes a great substitute for a bench. It’s super cheap and extremely versatile, definitely a home gym staple.


A Sturdy Chair or Platform (or Plyo Boxes)

If you don’t feel like splurging on plyometric boxes, any sturdy* platform will do. Box jumps are an incredibly effective (and draining) leg workout. Chairs are perfect for tricep dips because they offer full range of motion.

*Be aware of the limitations of your improvised equipment.


A Towel

This little-known trick might be the best kept secret in the world of fitness. Yeah, we know you already use a towel to wipe your sweat, but this cheap and compact piece of equipment does more than that. A towel on a wood or tile floor will slide; use it under your hands or feet to get a killer ab workout. If you happen to own a cable trainer, switch out the grip for a towel to work at a different angle that will challenge different muscles. Your tricep pull down will never be the same.


Foam Roller

Most people know a foam roller is a great way to follow up your workout, but this tool serves dual purpose in your limited gym space. Foam rollers can assist in your workout as well. Doing push-ups with your hands on the foam roller will help those with injured or inflexible wrists and there are dozens of ways a foam roller can work your abs.

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