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When Is Earth Day 2021?

When is Earth Day and how you can celebrate it

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Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world, and in 2021, it will be held on Thursday, April 22. Earth Day is meant to demonstrate support for environmental protection through events coordinated by the Earth Day Network in countries all over the world. Whether it’s changing your diet for a day or shrinking your carbon footprint, there are many ways to participate in Earth Day. 

Food for Earth Day

Earth Day is less about celebratory foods and more focused on the food we eat often. You can celebrate Earth Day by being cognizant of what you are eating and how it impacts the environment.  

Eating food that is locally grown is a great way to not only help the local economy and farmers, but also contribute to decreasing pollution from transportation. Locally grown products are also fresher because they don’t have to travel as far. Eating in-season produce is another way to be more eco-friendly in your dietary choices. You can also try going to a vegan-friendly restaurant that uses only plant-based products. No matter what you eat, make sure you are aware of the most eco-friendly things at the grocery store and the least eco-friendly items.

Activities for Earth Day

One great option for an Earth Day activity is to plant your own garden, providing the opportunity to grow your own fresh and delicious ingredients. If you’re new to gardening, check out these tips for beginners and learn which plants are best for rookie gardeners. Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Start recycling products in your home or around your community instead. 

Where to travel for Earth Day


One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by being around nature. There are plenty of pretty waters around the world that are great to visit during Earth Day. For those looking to stay active, there are also many scenic hiking trails worth visiting in America’s national parks. Just make sure to go somewhere that shows how beautiful Earth truly is.