The 15 Most Terrifying Trails Sure To Get Your Heart Racing

These are the trails for you if scaring the bejeezus out of you is the goal


When people imagine thrilling experiences, they usually think of extreme sports or adventures such as kayaking down a gigantic waterfall. Terrifying walkways and epic trails are not an immediate thought, but there are some crazy paths out there.

Thrill seekers from all over have found interesting hobbies and, frankly, they are terrifying. From planks affixed to the side of a rock face to transparent tracks that peer out to a river and moving traffic—you wouldn’t believe people actually walk on them. It seems unreal.

Technically, you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time anywhere. But some places pose a much higher risk than others. It’s hard to stay away from certain natural wonders though; the more risky they look the more luring they are.

Oftentimes the sheer height is the most dangerous factor, but wildlife, quickly changing weather, rotten wood, and slippery steel cables increase the chance of something going horribly wrong.

One of the most hazardous ways to enjoy what nature has to offer is by hiking. Can you call very narrow wooden planks secured into steep cliffs hundreds and thousands of feet above the ground a trail?

Click here for 15 of the most terrifying trails in the world

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