The Most Dangerous Treks in the World

The treks may be tempting to adventure seekers


For decades, climbers have been succeeding and failing while attempting to trek up these dangerous mountains. Extreme conditions such as deadly winds, high altitudes and hot/cold weather have caused serious health complications.

Some of the most dangerous treks include narrow pathways, slippery steps and vertical climbs. While on others, you may encounter severe weather conditions such as lightening and rain storms.

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If you are an adventure seeker who is not afraid of heights, these dangerous treks may be tempting to you. However, it is extremely important to properly prepare for your hike. This means carrying water so that you are hydrated at all times, properly training beforehand, and making sure you have the correct gear.

From Spain to Colorado and Peru, the most dangerous treks are located all over the planet. Some longer than others, but all of which are accident prone and extremely dangerous.


The Most Dangerous Treks in the World


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