The Best Places to See Fall Foliage…Outside of New England

You don't have to live in or near MA, VT, RI, ME, NH or CT to enjoy awe-inspiring fall displays


Clean air, panoramic views of bursting bright colors and miles of forests – the New England states are not the only ones boasting awe-inspiring fall foliage. Chances are you already live a short road trip away from spots with phenomenal mixtures of yellow, red, orange and green.[slideshow:87512]

The various dazzling hues peak between September and October all across the country. Adventurers and fans of outdoor activities can’t wait to put their hiking boots on and set up a tent for an unforgettable camping experience among purple dogwoods and maroon leaves.

Others prefer to buckle up and take a relaxing drive along scenic roads surrounded by landscapes bursting with vibrant, contrasting colors outlining lakes, mountain hills, , and valleys.

Look beyond New England’s hardwoods and explore the golden aspens covering the Rocky Mountains, take a hot air balloon ride, hike to powerful waterfalls, and enjoy blazing fall colors out in full force from high peaks. 

Go to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, 90 percent of which is forest covered, for an adventure. Go on a ride along Grand Traverse Bay where maple and oak leaves contrast the green pine and spruce trees. Hike to the Eagle and Symphony Lakes in  Chugach State Park, one of the most spectacular state parks in the U.S., especially during the fall.

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