The 15 Most Incredible Summer Hikes Around the World

Walk the land, explore on foot. This is the best way to discover a new country or explore the U.S.


Lace up your boots and hit the trail; summer will be over before you know it. You don’t have to a hardcore hiker to step outside of your comfort zone and explore the world, or even your state, on foot.[slideshow:102243]

Few adventures feel more liberating than taking on a challenging trail in the summer. Heading up to new heights with nothing but a light pack is an incredible emotion, matched only by the breathtaking views from the top.

Summer is a time to reconnect with nature as you look to escape high temperatures and crowded beaches, to find an adventurous retreat spot for the weekend. After all, people who spend time in parks cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem, as studies have shown.

Hiking is a lot of fun but, if you’re not careful, it can turn into a dangerous outdoor activity. Traveling in the backcountry, even for a day, is physically demanding – walking for hours with a heavy backpack is a challenge even for the fittest people. Know how to stay safe.

You’ll witness the unspoiled beauty of some of the world’s parks and wildernesses –glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, wildflowers, wildlife, and even mine ruins. The following epic trails from all over the world will inspire some trips and treks.

Click here for 15 of the most incredible summer hikes

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