Top 10 Romantic Camping Spots in the World

Reconnect with nature, and with your significant other


When it comes to choosing the perfect place for a camping trip, there is no shortage of beautiful and adventurous campgrounds to choose from. Are you looking for the perfect destination for a romantic caravanning journey?

Peer-to-peer motorhome rental platform company SHAREaCAMPER handpicked their favorite spots to pitch up and enjoy the scenery with a loved one.

Are you ready to finally stop hibernating and reconnect with nature? Are you itching to get out of the house already? Science says you should because even a mere walk in the park can calm the mind while changing the way the brain works to improve mental health. Studies have shown that people who spend time in nature cope better with stress, feel happier and have more self-esteem.

There are many amazing places all over the world where you can camp for a few days and spend quality time with your significant other.

Click here for the Top 10 Romantic Camping Spots in the World

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