The Many Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

You may be working against your objective without even knowing it
The Many Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals


Losing weight is not rocket sense, and that means a lot of bumps and mistakes along the way. Due to the fact that having smaller waistlines and toned legs are such popular goals, there is a ton of bad information out there.

“Between crazy restrictive diets that cut out entire food groups to exercise regimens that would make an Olympic athlete sore, people are led to believe that weight loss takes loads of time and depriving yourself,” Andrea Marcellus, fitness expert and founder and CEO of and/life, says. “Weight loss doesn’t require completely revamping your lifestyle.”[slideshow:103885]

Believe it or not you can eat the foods you love and simply move your body in ways that make you happy instead of going to the dreaded gym. Tweak some of your daily habits to be more strategic and you can realistically and sustainably reach your goals, Marcellus says.

Another major problem is thinking that there is a magic fix or pill. “Weight loss is about energy balance –you’re either storing calories or your burning them. Period.  There’s no magic potion –it’s pure physics,” Jaime Brenkus, a fitness coach for Evergreen Wellness, says.

It’s important to be able to recognize if you are self-sabotaging. Some of the signs include constantly feeling guilty after eating certain foods and feeling shame because you know you have certain goals but seem to do the opposite of what their goals are, Felicia Romero, celebrity fitness and nutrition expert, says.

The good news is that getting in shape doesn’t happen only at the gym. Just keep moving. “It could be marching in place, dancing to your favorite songs, taking a weight and swinging it between your legs as you do a squatting movement, or just shadow boxing by punching the air,” Brenkus says.” Anything that provides a rhythmic motion will work.”

You can absolutely get a dream body by simply being on your feet peppering muscle-developing exercise in throughout the day, Marcellus says. “The key is consistency: you are what you do.”

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