How Your Gut Bacteria May Be Making You Fat

Diet and inactive lifestyle may not be the only factors to blame for weight gain


When people think of what affects their health the most, working out and eating right usually comes to mind first. They are, of course, true but there is another very important factor – your gut.

The gut microbiome consists of all the different types of microorganisms, estimated to be about 100 trillion bacteria alone — outnumbering the 10 trillion human cells that make up your body by about 10 to 1 — that coexists within a person’s gastrointestinal tract.[slideshow:102685]

The fairly new but widely popular term, gut microbiome, is being recognized as a symbiotic organism that is in constant communication with all organ systems. Disturbance of the gut microbiome can induce an ongoing inflammatory process; one that seems to be at the root of many diseases people struggle with nowadays.

One of them is obesity. Since the late 1980s the average American has put on 15+ pounds without getting any taller.

You may be shocked to find out that the health of your gut – or your stomach, large intestine and small intestine – is a huge part of your immune system. If you do not have a healthy digestive track, it will affect other functions of your body, including its ability to maintain a healthy weight.

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