Things That Are Secretly Loading You Up with Sugar

How much sugar are you really eating?


Spend just five minutes online browsing health articles and you will be convinced that this is a health-conscious world and that its No. 1 enemy is sugar.

A lot of people try to avoid it at all costs. How many times have you not eaten dessert, even though you really wanted to, because you were just picturing how the sweet stuff turns into fat only to find a spot around your waist?[slideshow:102305]

Certain foods are obviously loaded with sugar. Take fruit juices, for example. Researchers compared the amount of sugar in a glass of juice to that in a can of soda. One cup (249 grams) contains 23 grams of sugar, according to USDA. If you want to drink juice, stick to a very small amount and get your fruit fix elsewhere. Stick to fresh fruits, basically.  

Forget about flavored yogurt, too. If you want to eat yogurt and fruits, you are better off purchasing them separately and mixing them in a bowl. Flavored yogurts are often filled with added sugar. Just a small 8-ounce serving of the sweet dessert can have as many as 47 grams of sugar. And some varieties contain 30 grams of sugar in a 6-ounce cup. That is more than what the American Heart Association recommends for both men (38 grams) and women (25 grams) of added sugar a day.

Learn how to easily calculate how much sugar you’re really consuming. Labels can be confusing. There are four calories in one gram, so if a product has 15 grams of sugar per serving, that’s 60 calories just from the sugar alone, not counting the other ingredients.

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