Scary Things That Happen to Your Body When You Skip a Meal

18 Scary Things That Happen to Your Body When You Skip a Meal

So you overslept and didn’t eat breakfast. Then you skipped lunch because you had to catch up with work. But then you were so tired, you went straight to bed and slept through breakfast again the next morning. The vicious cycle continues.[slideshow:104512]

Some of the consequences you will feel right away but others will take longer. The bottom line is that your body will punish you for depriving it of energy.

And don’t even think about missing meals because you’re trying to lose weight. This is not effective in the long-term. No nutritionists will ever recommend it because of the following negative consequences.

That’s a big mistake. It will eventually lead to overeating, and possibly weight gain, among other things. There are plenty of fulfilling foods that help you drop pounds.

You may say that some days are simply too chaotic and you forget to eat. But what really happens is your body is getting ready for a crisis, hurting you in the process as the vicious cycle develops.

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