5 Foods That Can Leave You Bloated (And What to Do About It)

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5 Foods That Can Leave You Bloated (And What to Do About It)


Have you ever noticed how sometimes after lunch your belly is three times bigger than usual up to a point where you have to unbutton your pants? You don’t understand why because you didn’t overeat, but your abdomen is awkwardly full and gassy anyway.

Bloating is a common problem for adults as well as children. The condition often prevents people from engaging in fun activities or even be “good at life.” A study has shown that people who have this issue use more of their sick days at work, go to the doctor more often and take more meds.

Owner of Hanson Fitness and celebrity personal fitness trainer in NYC, Harry Hanson, reveals 5 top foods that can leave you bloated – and what you can do about it.

1. Cruciferous Vegetables (Raw)


They include kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Although they are good for you and are part of many healthy dishes, raw cruciferous vegetables can leave you bloated. This is because they are extremely high in fiber, which can be difficult for your body to break down.

What you can do about it

You don’t want to eliminate these vegetables from your diet, so to minimize bloating try steaming them before you eat to break down tough fibers.

2. Fizzy Drinks


This one may not be surprising to many but the carbonation in fizzy drinks like sodas can lead to excess air build-up in the Intestinal tract which will lead to a bloated stomach.

What you can do about it

Try switching to water, which can be flavored with lemon or lime to add taste. It may not be as tasty as a Coca-Cola but your body will thank you for drinking more water.

3. Dairy Products


Milk may be good for building strong bones but it may also create problems with digestion. Dairy is linked to bloating and gas because it is high in lactose which is commonly known as a milk sugar. Since many people may have a decreased amount of lactase (and enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of lactose to glucose and galactose) in their bodies, milk and other dairy products can sometimes create issues with digestion.

What you can do about it

An alternative to this may be using coconut and nut (almond or cashew) milk instead.

4. Chewing Gum


A common source of bloating may be caused by chewing gum. It may sound weird but when you chew gum you are actually increasing the amount of air that gets put into your digestive system. The air then moves down to your small intestines, mixing with other digestive gasses. This eventually leads to increased pressure in your abdomen and surrounding areas.

What you can do about it

If you strongly desire the chewing motion, try snacking on other alternatives such as sunflower seeds to keep your mouth busy.

5. Beer


We’ve all heard of the term “beer belly” and it’s very likely that we know somebody who has one. The name has an element of truth to it as it refers to increased stomach fat and bloating, both of which are side effects of drinking beer. Beer is so bad because it’s a mixture of heavily bloating food groups (fermentable carbs) and carbon dioxide. Most beers may also contain gluten, which is another source of bloating. Beer may be tasty but it definitely isn’t helping you fit into your favorite jeans, especially if you consume it often.

What you can do about it

To reduce bloating during a night out, try other drinks such as red wine.

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