12 Foods That Sabotage Your Diet

Don't let temptations get the best of you


You spend a lot of your time working hard to maintain your health and fitness; which is why you should never let temptations and cravings get the best of you. There are certain foods – as delicious as they are – that should be avoided at all costs.[slideshow:101890]

Refrain from using any type of sugar alternatives. “Most of the sugar alternatives brandished healthy are nothing more than commercial overly processed chemically induced laboratory-generated super-condensed fructose syrup with no actual health benefit what so ever,” Claire O'Meara, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, says.

Sugar in general should also be consumed with caution. This means staying away from energy drinks, fruit juice and flavored coffee drinks.

Stay on track toward achieving your health and fitness goals; don’t let these foods lure you in.


12 Foods That Sabotage Your Diet


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