This is What You Must Never Do If You Get Sunburn

This is What You Should Never Do If You Get Sunburn

After a long day spent outdoors in the summer sun you step inside and begin to notice that the light pink on your skin is quickly turning into a dark shade of red.[slideshow:104465]

The stinging pain of your irritated skin is definitely one of the most unpleasant aspects of summer and this probably isn’t the first time you’ve dealt with a burn, but do you know what to do about it?

First, it’s important to know that once you have sunburn, the damage is done, so it’s crucial to avoid a burn in the first place.

The precautions you take before-hand are most important because each sunburn increases your risk of getting skin cancer. But people make mistakes and sunburns are common. Immediate action is required to prevent lasting damage to the skin.

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