Worst “Healthy” Habits You Have

Should you really avoid gluten, carbs, and desserts and detox once a month? The answers may shock you


Drink more water, avoid processed foods, cut sugar and sodium, exercise 30 minutes a day… Whether you like it or not, these are healthy habits you need to have. The benefits of certain other practices, however, are not as universally agreed upon. In fact, you may be have been misled by a friend, society or the internet.[slideshow:100104]

It may be hard to do, but you have to forget about what’s popular and trending and change certain lifestyle choices that may actually be harming you both physically and mentally.

The list of healthy everyday activities – or at least activities many people think are good for them – is very long. It’s hard to know the truth these days due to an overabundance of information.

Nutrition labels can be deceptive because manufacturers are not always required to list harmful substances as ingredients. Also, there is a new food and fitness trend seemingly every day.

While different approaches work for different people, several habits are bad for everyone and are just the products of unexplained hype.

Some myths and half-truths won’t hurt you, but others can cause serious damage. Weight gain, stress, and injuries are just a few possible consequences.

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