Tips and Tricks to Handle Stress during the Holiday Season

Limit the negative and common side effects of the holidays


Holidays and family are often the perfect storm for evoking all kinds of stress, anger and emotional triggers. It all starts with Halloween and wraps up around January 2. The common byproducts are anxiety and despair.

The number of demands can make anyone feel lightheaded – travel, gifts, dinners, parties, weight maintenance, and even cleaning.[slideshow:92694]

Two main tools have proven effective when handling stress, according to studies: Cognitive reappraisal and mindfulness. The first is about seeing things from someone else’s perspective; the second has three basic principles.

One is being in the present moment. The second basic principle is compassion – remembering to be kind to yourself and not too critical. The third is cultivating gratitude. Research shows that it has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health.

The feeling of anxiety and tension is so common; many people think they are OK unless they are having a heart attack. But the truth is that stress has a sneaky way of building up in you until it becomes a serious problem.

Use the following practical tips to limit the negative and common side effects of the holidays, so you can experience these times the way they are meant to be lives – happy.

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