Sleep Myths


These Are the Most Popular Sleeping Myths Out There

You should stop believing these widespread sleep stories.
Sleep Myths


There are a lot of misconceptions about sleep. 

Sleep is mysterious. After all, we’re not awake when we are sleeping. So how are we supposed to understand the complexities of this restful activity? Thankfully, researchers have been working hard to debunk false information.[slideshow:103889]

There are a lot of misconceptions about sleep. The National Sleep Foundation says some common misconceptions, such as eating cheese before bed can cause nightmares, can be characterized as “old wives tales.” But the organization also says some incorrect information (e.g., blasting the radio helps combat drowsy driving) can be downright dangerous.

There are plenty of sleep myths floating around out there, including the old adage “the early bird gets the worm,” the slightly scary warning to avoid waking a sleepwalker, and the ghoulishly gross idea that we ingest spiders while we slumber. All of these accusations, from harmless to serious, need to be put to bed once and for all.

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