Surprising Ways to Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies

The changing of the seasons brings many allergy triggers


Itchy eyes, runny rose and constant sneezing are some of the many symptoms associated with allergies. For many people, the changing of the seasons brings many allergy triggers; pollen being one of them. Try to avoid being in an environment surrounded by plants, animals and dust.

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“Washing away the pollen and changing into fresh clothing will make you feel better,” Max Wiseberg, airborne allergies expert and creator of the HayMax organic allergen barrier balm, says. “Just be sure to keep pollen covered clothing out of the bedroom and straight into the laundry basket, as pollen can be shaken from your clothing, settle on your bed and become a problem during the night.”

For those of you who have pets, it’s imperative to wash and brush them regularly. “Cat and dog fur is perfect for trapping pollen,” Wiseberg says. “When they walk into your home, they’re walking pollen bombs!”


Surprising Ways to Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies


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