Cities Where Locals Stick to Their Resolutions

You may have to relocate if you’re serious about your goals


The most popular resolutions each year are to lose weight, get fit, and stay healthy. That’s why the researchers at, a child, senior and pet care provider, decided to investigate the Best & Worst Places to live to make your New Year's resolutions happen.

If you’re one of the 45 percent of Americans who usually set goals, you certainly want to be among the only 8 percent who actually stick with them. Regardless of what you wish to achieve in 2017, the tips for not giving up are fairly common.

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Most resolutions fail by February. First, people get excited about a goal, but then feel overwhelmed when they picture this giant end result. Too many tasks can easily lead to overload and eventual activity-freeze. Some people try to do too much too soon. Then they feel crushed when they fall short of their goal and give up.

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The data analysts ranked the 89 largest metro areas, taking into account how well each city encourages an active lifestyle, good eating habits and a positive mental state.

Best Areas

1. San Jose, California

2. Denver, Colorado

3. Washington, D.C.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

5. Sacramento, California

6. Reno, Nevada

7. Seattle, Washington

8. Los Angeles, California

9. Hartford, Connecticut

10. Portland, Oregon

About 20 percent of your resolution should be strategy and 80 percent needs to be the “why.” You have to have a big enough reason or purpose in order to stick with your goals and get to the finish line. Living in a city that is fitness-friendly will certainly boost your chances.

Worst Areas

80. Fort Wayne, Indiana

81. New Orleans, Louisiana

82. Little Rock, Arkansas

83. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

84. Tulsa, Oklahoma

85. Houston, Texas

86. Birmingham, Alabama

87. Scranton, Pennsylvania

88. Chattanooga, Tennessee

89. Jackson, Mississippi

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