25 Things to Do in Your 20s to Live a Longer, Better Life

Are you setting yourself up for chronic health problems in the future?
25 Things to Do in Your 20s to Live a Longer, Better Life


Being young is not easy nowadays. Now is the time people in the 20s are starting to learn how to become responsible grown-ups and how to navigate this complex world. Parents and peer are quick to offer their advice, but “adulating” is not rocket science.[slideshow:103713]

A long and happy life is a complex task and it involves physical and as well as mental wellbeing, and they are almost always intertwined. The truth is that in your 20s you are beginning to develop habits that will influence your health throughout your life, Dr. Tania Elliott, Chief Medical Officer, at EHE, says.

“Why is it that after we turn 18 we stop going to the doctor every year?” Dr. Elliott, says. This leads to the notion that it is only important to go to the doctor when you are sick. “I call this ‘Sickcare,’ NOT ‘Healthcare.’”

Lifestyle medicine is the prescription for health in the under 30s population—focusing on the psychosocial and behavioral  determinants of your health—how you think; how you move; how you eat—these are the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle and illness prevention, Dr. Elliott adds.

Babies and children are evaluated by a pediatrician for “milestones” to make sure that they are appropriately progressing. In a similar way the under 30 population needs to check whether their lifestyle is the building block of a happy life in the long term.

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