23 Very Scary Effects of Sitting Too Much

These Are the 23 Very Scary Effects of Sitting Too Much

The price of leading an inactive lifestyle is high and it comes in the form of physical pain, obesity, and even mental health problems. It sounds like a paradox— something people love to do to feel better ends up, in the long run, making them feel a lot worse.[slideshow:104645]

Watching whole seasons of your favorite show may sound like the perfect Friday night for some, but you’re putting your health at risk after just a couple of episodes. You are literally sitting yourself to death. Sitting more than 11 hours a day increases risk of premature death by 40 percent, according to research.

Sedentary jobs have increased 83 percent since 1950; physically active jobs now make up less than 20 percent of the workforce in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association. In 1960, about half of workforce in the country was physically active.

Most people spend about half the day sitting. The body is not primed to be in one position for too long. Muscle degeneration and soreness are sure to occur over time. The immobility causes several chronic and painful diseases.

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