Hidden and Lesser-Known Sources of Toxins in Your Home

It’s important to get rid of them before the damage is irreversible.

Most people do their best to ensure their homes are safe. The idea of the place where you spend so much time slowly killing you is in many ways inconceivable.[slideshow:104649]

Lots of household items are potential irritants and/or can cause health complications. The most important fact, however, is the physiological wellbeing of the individual’s exposed to those potential items, Bruce White, Education Committe Chair and First Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Indoor Air Quality Association, says.

In general, the healthier a person is, the less likely he or she is to be affected by the potential contaminant.

But in reality, certain items in your home can cause people to get sick and, in extreme circumstances, even kill due to continued exposure.

One thing is certain – the cleaner the location, or item is, the less likely someone will react to it, White says. An example could be a mattress at home or a mattress in a college dorm room.

Unknown hazards may be prowling in people’s houses, and they are probably not even aware of them.

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