Questions You Should Be Asking Your Doctor But Aren’t

These simple inquiries can make a huge difference in the quality of your care
questions to ask your doctor

Navigating a doctor’s visit can be tricky. But the way you go about your visit can make a huge difference in the quality of your care. The best medical care comes from doctor-patient relationships that thrive off of open communication.[slideshow:104586]

But doctors are really busy — and they’re not always the best at listening. When many doctors won’t listen to patients for more than 11 seconds, how can you make sure you’re being heard? Doctors are technically working for you. But it’s also up to you to advocate for yourself and get the best medical care. Part of making the most of your visit is speaking up and being as communicative as you can with your doctor. That means not keeping secrets from them. Be open, honest, and inquisitive.

But another huge part of this is simply asking the right questions. Don’t assume that your doctor is volunteering all the information you might want to know. Again, doctors are busy! They already know so much about medicine that they may not think to fill you in on all of the nitty gritty details. But those are details you probably want to know.

It can be difficult to know which questions you need to ask, so we did the research for you. We pored over the suggestions of the Cleveland Clinic and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


These are the questions you might not think to ask your doctor but really should