15 Healthy Resolutions That Aren't Losing Weight

Being healthy is not all about what your BMI is


The biggest trend in January is people making resolutions and looking for ways to stick with them for more than two weeks. Chances are the goals will have something to do with your physical appearance.

The most common last year was losing weight, according to polls. This is not shocking because, officially, 69 percent of Americans, who are older than 20, are overweight.[slideshow:96560]

But being healthy is only partially about the right number on the scale. Several small daily habits can have a tremendous effect in the long run. How you treat your body and mind impacts how you feel, look, and age.

The key to setting doable goals that you will stick to is understanding why you need to achieve them and enjoying the process of reaching them. The most important trick is to keep reminding yourself that you’re taking care of yourself.

It’s important to eliminate unhealthy habits such as watching too much television and smoking. Try to adopt better habits like spending more time outside and meditating.

The resolutions on this list will help ward off depression, boost your immune system, increase your overall happiness and reduce your risk for various diseases.

Losing weight can be a great resolution, but resolving to live a longer, healthier and happier life is something everyone should aim to achieve.

15 Healthy Resolutions That Aren't Losing Weight

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