The Top Trending Diet and Exercise Searches of 2019

The Top Trending Diet and Exercise Searches of 2019

According to Google
The Top Trending Diet and Exercise Searches of 2019

The year is drawing to a close, and with that comes a wrap of the fitness and diet choices that ruled the web and influenced our health decisions for 12 months. To find out which workouts and diets shined bright in 2019, Google studied an aggregation of trillions of searches on its platform and combined it with data from Google Trends. The result? The top trending searches that had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2019. 

Popular favorites like the keto ultra diet and plank exercises made Google’s Year in Search report along with newer breakout trends like the Dr. Sebi diet. Whether weight loss is at the top of your 2020 goals or you’re exercising for the first time, check out the popular workout and diet searches from 2019.

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Workouts that saw a spike in 2019 were medicine ball workouts, flat stomach workouts, mirror workouts, the Bikini Body Guide workout and body groove workouts a workout routine that relies on dance moves to help exercisers burn off calories. Bungee workouts, plank exercises and the manduu exercise — a concept that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for a custom exercise experience also topped the list. The one punch man workout, an anime-inspired workout, was also among the most searched work out terms.


A few diet regimens also saw a search increase in 2019. The intermittent fasting diet, 1200 calories diet, keto ultra diet and the GOLO diet were all common searches. The Dubrow diet, Sirtfood diet, endomorph diet, Dr. Sebi diet, Noom diet and the no carbs no sugar diet were also included in Google's list. Before embarking on any popular diet though you should be warned, many popular diets with have hidden side effects.