15 Winter Baby Names That Will Warm Your Heart

15 Winter Baby Names That Will Warm Your Heart


15 Winter Baby Names That Will Warm Your Heart


Winter is one of the coziest times of the year. You can to snuggle up by a warm fireplace, sip on hot coco, and wear those soft sweaters that have been hiding in the back of your closet. But besides all of these delightful things, winter is also the best time of the year for baby naming inspiration.

Winter baby names are motivated by the holidays, weather, mythology and literature. Names such as Noel and Nicholas are commonly associated with Christmas time, while names such as Aspen, Crystal and Alaska, are related to the natural beauty of winter.

With the help from thenamemeaning.com and Popularity Chart statistics from the Social Security Administrator of the United States, from Social Security card applications for births in the U.S. for every name, from 1880 up to the present year, I have compiled a list of winter baby names that will warm your heart.


The name Noelle, commonly given to baby girls, means ‘Christmas’ in French, which is very fitting for this time of the year. While the name Noel, a unisex name, means “Born on Christmas Day, Christmas.” The name is frequently given to babies that are born around or on Christmas.


The name Crystal is Greek in origin, it means ice or rock. It reminds us of the gorgeous icicles that hang from our homes every year.


Christian is a popular winter baby name, it is of Latin origin; it means “Follower of Christ.” Many countries consider it a unisex name. According to the Popularity Chart, in 2000, 16,051 boys were named Christian and in 1992, 986 girls were named Christian.


The name Gabriel has significant meaning during the winter months. It is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my strength.” It is also the name of the angel in the Christmas story.


Elsa is a newly popular, winter inspired name. Many people started to consider this name after Disney’s popular movie “Frozen” was aired. However, the name Elsa actually means “Joyful; Noble; God is my oath.” It is actually short for Elizabeth.


The name Neve has quite a few different meanings. The Celtic and English meanings are radiance and brightness, but its Italian meaning is “snow.”


This baby boy name was taken from the name of the aspen tree. Many of us may also associate it with the incredible ski resort and beautiful mountain town, Aspen in Colorado.


The name Garnet is of Latin origin. It is both a boy and girl game. Babies – girls or boys - born in January, are usually given this name because Garnet is the name of the January birthstone. This specific birthstone symbolizes trust and friendship.


Now, we can’t get any more festive than the name Holly. The name is from English origin and means “Holly, Plant With Red Berries,” which directly symbolizes the holiday season. Fun Fact: According to the Popularity Chart, 6,387 baby girls were given the name Holly in 1983.


The name Jack made the list first because it means “God is gracious,” but it is also associated during the winter months with the famous movie - Jack Frost. According to the Popularity Chart, in 1927 the name Jack was given to 12,799 baby boys in the U.S.


The name Nicholas is a name of Green origin. It means “Victory of the People,” but it is commonly used in the winter months because it is associated with Santa Clause, also known as St. Nicholas in the Eastern Orthodox Church.


Robin is a unisex name; it means “Famous brilliance.” Many people associate it with the strong and fast winter bird that begins to appear toward the end of winter. In 1956, 2,240 baby boys were named Robin, and in 1961, 12,641 baby girls received the name, according to the Popularity Chart.


This unique female name is associated with the winter vine. Ivy has become increasingly popular since 1880, with only 33 girls given the name, compared to 2015 when 2,489 girls received it, according to the Popularity Chart.


This name is traditionally used for baby girls. It reminds us of the jaw-dropping snowy mountainous terrain in The Last Frontier. The mountain peaks that go on for miles will leave you inspired and in awe of its natural beauty.


Gwen is a beautiful female name of the Cornish and Welsh origin. It means “White” in Cornish and “White, fair, blessed,” in Welsh. Consider Gwendolyn as well, for it means “White ring; white bow.”