15 Things You Should Do With Your Dog This Spring from 15 Things You Should Do With Your Dog This Spring

15 Things You Should Do With Your Dog This Spring

Imagine this: You and your buddies have just finished packing your car with the food and equipment for your next adventure. You close the trunk and are psyched to leave when you notice your forlorn dog gazing at you from your front-door window. Those puppy eyes can leave even the most avid outdoorsman feeling a little guilty about leaving his best friend behind.

Go surfing


Dogs riding waves may not be an Olympic sport, but it is arguably more popular than many professional sports. There are many annual competitions in which anywhere from 50 to 100 dogs catch winning waves for a medal. Some of the four-legged animals are so popular that they have several sponsors and help raise money for various charities. Don’t even think about competing with these canines.

Teach it to skateboard


If there is a skateboarding cat, there can be a skateboarding dog. May be the two of you can later skate around town and play games jumping on and off the board. Bulldogs are especially good at this sport, as you can see from this video, because they have a low center of gravity. Tillman, a bulldog, holds the Guinness World Record for the “fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog.”

Run free on a beach


Go outside, get your four-legged best friend and find an open area where you and he or she can run freely. Fido is probably pretty stiff after sitting inside the house or apartment for the entire winter, with the exception of the occasional walks. Your dog will love the chance to really stretch his legs and let their tongues dangle.

Go hiking in the wilderness


Don't leave Fido at home when you have fun in nature. Hiking may just become your pet’s favorite activity. Few pet-friendly national parks offer more opportunities than Acadia, according to the National Parks Foundation. Spanning several islands along the rugged Maine coast, the park features 100 miles of hiking trails and 45 miles of carriage roads where leashed pets are welcome. Urban parks are just as much fun, just smaller.

Play fetch and catch in the park


Bring your pooch’s favorite toys and practice fetching and catching them.  Take all the Frisbees, tennis balls, old stuffed animals that he or she likes and go to a dog-friendly park when Fido can run off-leash and exercise by catching them. This will really help improve his or her coordination skills.

Go for a swim


Some dogs are very athletic and very active. They love to do everything you do. When the temperatures get consistently warmer this usually means swimming. This will be a wonderful way to get your pet to exercise and engage in some low-impact activity, especially if he or she is prone to obesity.

Have a water fight with sprinkles


Are you or your four-legged best friend competitive? If this is the case, initiate a fun fight with sprinkles. Fido will get a nice workout, both of you will cool off if it’s too warm outside, and you’re going to create some loving memories of each other. You can also use this opportunity to give your pooch a nice outdoor bath.

Take him out with other dogs

Jesse Orrico/ Unsplash.com

You are not the only one who needs a social life, and you can’t be “it” for your pup. They, too, like to make friends and play with someone of their own rank. This can be an opportunity for you as well to make new friends.

Go on vacation


There is no question about this – pets are an equal member of your family. You take great care of them, just like you pay a lot of attention to your children. You feed them, play with them, walk them, clean after them, take them to the vet when they don’t eat for a day, and you love them unconditionally. So why would you want to go on a vacation without them? Plenty of destinations will be happy to see both of you.

Create agility courses


Dogs love to play – they need lots of space to run around and have fun. Add sprinkles and hoses to make the course more challenging and develop Fido’s agility skills. Most recreational areas designed for Fido now feature agility and obstacle courses.

Go camping


There’s no better camping companion than a well-trained four-legged friend. Make sure the campsite allow dogs and that your dog is up to date on vaccinations and medications. Also consider tick, flea and heartworm medications before you head out. Bring a strong leash, a harness for hiking, poop bags, treats, a light for your dog’s collar and a doggie first aid kit.

Work out together


Research has shown that canines and pets in general, make people happy and improve your heart health. One study that examined 421 adults who previously suffered heart attacks found that after one year, subjects who owned dogs were more likely to live longer than those who did not.  Pets are also great exercise motivation. They, too, need to stay active to avoid becoming overweight or obese.

Go for a spring drive


Don’t take the opportunity to explore nature away from your dog. A road trip is a very fun and spontaneous vacation. It’s good for Fido, too. You don’t need much preparation. Just grab some food and water, fill up the tank and hop in the car. Some dogs are more family-friendly than others and will do very well during such a trip, whether it’s long or short.

Try nose work


This is an actual sport designed for dogs. K9 Nose Work is a fun activity of searching and scenting for virtually all types of dogs. It’s easy to learn, too. The sport builds confidence and focus in many dogs, and provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise. The sport can be done competitively as well.

Play hide and seek


Teach your dog to track items and people. A good way to do that is by playing hide and seek with a toy or a piece of clothing. This is also a very good exercise if Fido likes to be challenged. Make sure you have enough doggy treats to reward your pooch when he does well.