You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep from Habits That Sabotage Your Health—and Fixes

Habits That Sabotage Your Health—and Fixes

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You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

More sleep is better for everything, your fitness recovery, your mood, and yes, even controlling your weight. Research has shown that getting too little sleep affects the secretion of cortisol, which then throws off your appetite. It’s also been said that lack of sleep triggers fat storage in your body.

Fix: Get Eight Hours

Proper amounts of sleep will keep everything working right. Make an effort to get 8 hours each night, and try to keep your sleep schedule consistent.

Skipping Breakfast

There has long been a correlation between healthy weight management and breakfast. We now know that a balanced morning meal kick starts the metabolism and helps avoid overeating at lunch. For further proof, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that those who skipped breakfast were 4.5 times more likely to be obese. Eat up!

Fix: Eat a Hearty and Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. Whatever your preference, fruit and yogurt, eggs and vegetables or even oatmeal, make breakfast a priority.

You’re Using Artificial Sweeteners

It says zero calories so that means it’s good for your diet, right? Nope. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body—sensing the sweetness, our bodies expects calories to follow. When they don’t you feel even hungrier and eat more afterward. This is one of the reasons people are told to avoid diet soda.

Fix: Stick to Natural Sugar

Instead of using super sweet artificial stuff, stick to natural sugar (or better: honey), as long as you’re not going overboard even sugar is fine in moderation.

You’ve Bought into the Low-Fat Craze

Low-fat or fat-free doesn’t mean low in calories. These phrases are a marketing ploy, not a diet solution. When they scale back on the fat companies find replacements to boost the flavor, like sugar and flour. The result is a product low in fat but high in calories, carbs and sugar. Always look at the ingredients when buying food.

Fix: Not All Low-Fat Food is Equal

Cookies, chips and other snacks are the problematic low-fat foods. Other low-fat products like milk, cheese and yogurt are good diet options, as they aren’t highly processed. Check the ingredients before buying any food, expecially the low-fat ones.

You Aren’t Planning Ahead

We’ve all had those busy mornings, or those lazy mornings, where you’d rather just figure out lunch later. But that’s a terrible plan and you know it. When you leave the decision to later, you’ll be hungry and susceptible to whatever food is around the office—hello donuts.

Fix: Pack Your Own Lunch

You can only know for sure what’s in your food when you make it yourself. Save money and your waistline when you pack healthy homemade meals to bring to work.

You Keep Flaking Out on the Gym

After a long, exhausting day, it’s so tempting to just say you’ll hit the gym tomorrow. Everyone needs a break but having that attitude each day means you never make it to the gym. It’ll always be put off until tomorrow.

Fix: Schedule Workouts Ahead of Time

Remember this phrase: “Your workouts are important meetings you scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.”

You’re Eating While Preoccupied

When you’re distracted you lose track of what you’re eating and you eat much more. This information (which we already kind of knew) was confirmed in study done at the University of Birmingham. The distracted subjects ate more and some couldn’t even remember exactly what they ate.

Fix: Focus on Your Food

Try not to eat in front of the TV or computer. When you can’t avoid the screens during dinnertime, portion out a healthy meal and don’t go back for seconds.

Weekends Are Destroying Your Diet

 Research has shown that people weigh most on Monday and are at their lightest on Friday. Conclusion: weekends are terrible for our diets.

Fix: Weekend Workouts and Good Choices

The lack of structure in our weekend day is the most likely cause of diet derailment. You can lie on the couch all day, eat whatever you want or hit the bars, all bad news for your Monday morning weigh in. Our advice is to be mindful of your food choices and make a weekend workout a priority. Come Monday, you’ll be happy you did.

Habits That Sabotage Your Health—and Fixes