Off-the-Grid Gadgets

Off-the-Grid Gadgets

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

This kit has everything you need to stay charged outdoors. The portable Nomad 7M solar panel is great for backpacking, as it has convenient daisy chains to attach to your pack. Within the solar panel there is a zippered pocket that includes different types of output. There is a USB charger, as well as a charger for the included Guide 10 Plus. The smaller Guide 10 plus has rechargeable AA batteries, a built in LED light, and another USB port for all of your on-the-go charging needs.

Buy it at REI for $120

Hi Gear 3 LED Wind-Up Head Torch

You never realize how important light is, until you’ve lost power in the dead of night without new batteries for your flashlight. Well, Hi Gear has you covered with this handy gadget. The 3 LED Wind-Up Head Torch generates light from winding up it’s built-in crank. You get approximately 20 minutes of light from 1 minute of winding. There are 3 functions, 1 LED for a softer light, 3 LED for stronger, and a 3 LED flash for emergencies. The detachable light can also be used as a hand torch. The winding handle folds up nice and compact making this head torch a useful addition to your camping or survival kit.

Buy it at for £2.99

Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern

For both light and power, the Goal Zero Lighthouse Lantern is the ideal addition to your gear. Turn the built-in crank or plug it into the Goal Zero solar panels to build up power. One minute of cranking provides about 10 minutes of running time. Use that power to charge any USB attachments. When the battery is completely charged, the lantern can stay lit on low for 48 hours, or on high for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The brightness level is easy to adjust and the lantern has a battery level indicator to keep you updated on when it needs a recharge.

Buy it on Amazon for $66.06


Meet Earl, the tablet is built for survival. The revolutionary engineering prepares you for extreme outdoor situations in ways that current smart phones or tablets aren’t able to. With the latest in GPS, weather, and radio communication technology, you can always stay alert and aware during your adventures. And the best part is that the laminated solar panel provides up to 20 hours of battery, and charges in less than 5 hours of direct sunlight. It is completely weather proof, and the screen is built to be effective in all conditions of the outdoors (it evens works while wearing gloves).

Pre-order it on from $299

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

With just a few twigs, you can cook your meal and charge your phone. The BioLite Wood burning CampStove uses patent-pending thermoelectric technology to convert heat into electricity. In using the heat, the mechanism charges an internal batter that powers a fan to istrengthen the fire so you can cook easily without carrying heavy fuel canisters. When the CampStove reaches full burn, it can boil 1 liter of water in 4 minutes.  Also, it collects extra energy that can be used to charge small USB electronics.  

Buy it on Amazon for $129.95

Snow Lizard SLXTREME

Snow Lizard makes a line of intense phone cases that protect and power in extreme conditions. The phone case is completely waterproof, can be dropped up to 6 feet, and has an integrated battery that is completely solar powered. When the solar panel charges the cases battery fully, it can more than double your phone. Your phone can be a necessary item on your outdoor trek, whether it be for GPS purposes, or just to snap a photo when you reach summit, this case will keep it juiced during your journey.

Buy it on Snow Lizard Products from $129.99-$199.99

WakaWaka Solar Lamp

This affordable and easy to use Solar Lamp provides bright light in times of need. It has 5 different light modes ranging from 10% brightness to 200% brightness and a SOS beacon. Using a solar panel to hold energy, a full battery takes less than a day out in the sun to charge. With a full charge, the lamp can provide up to 16 hours of bright, reading light. It is water-resistant and only weighs about 7 ounces.

Buy it on Amazon for $28.94

Eton Scorpion Multi-Purpose Digital Weather Radio

You should always pack a radio for emergency purposes on your outdoor trek. But, wouldn’t it be better to have a radio with a built-in flashlight, cell phone charger, and bottle opener? And if that doesn’t sound like everything you’ll need off-the-grid, add the fact that no batteries are required.Store energy through the solar panel, or use the hand crank to charge up the battery. The battery indicator will keep you updated on how much power you have left and the rugged exterior can stand up against the worst.

Buy it on Amazon for $48.95


Just add water and heat and you can power through a perfectly sized camping pot. Within seconds, as the pot begins to heat up over a heat source, the attached charging mechanism can start to charge your phone or other USB devices. With about 20 minutes of charging you can get up to 120 minutes of talking time on a smart phone. The PowerPot creates electricity from the excess heat created while cooking through a patented thermoelectric technology. All you need is fire and water, and you can keep all your electronics charged, while you cook a tasty meal.

Buy it on Power Practical for $149