Giant 14.5-Foot Bike Hits L.A. Streets

Rider weaves through traffic, ducks under overpass for gawk-worthy ride
(c) Hal Bergman

Trimble riding STOOPIDTALL on Venice Pier. Photo courtesy of Hal Bergman /

The “tallest bike in Los Angeles,” a 14.5-foot tall ladder with wheels called STOOPIDTALL, made its maiden voyage Sunday at L.A.’s CicLAvia ride. Lucky for us, daredevil rider Richie Trimble strapped a camera to his chest, ensuring that YouTube viewers everywhere will squirm in their seats as he negotiates traffic, other cyclists and a bridge. Also in frame: his blue leopard-print pants.

According to info posted to the video’s YouTube page, the bike was built in 12 hours from a Huffy beach cruiser frame, additional tubing, 26-inch wheels, and 32.5 feet of chain.

Trimble is part of Los Angelopes, a “freak bike” gang who surrounded him in a protective shell of not-quite-as-tall tall bikes during the ride.

The entire ride was twenty miles, according to Trimble’s post-cycle interview with LA.Streetsblog. On his way home Trimble discovered first-hand what happens when the beast stops moving: the chain broke, causing him to lose control and the bike the tumble to the ground. Lucky for him, he told Streetsblog, there was a nearby telephone pole for him to “Tarzan hug.”

For a “short bike” view of STOOPIDTALL, check out this other video below:

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