Get Out There: 10 Adventures You Need to Try This Spring

From whitewater rafting to rock climbing, these adventures are the best part of spring

Spring is the time for adventure. After a winter spent indoors (or shivering outdoors) it’s time to shed the winter jackets, hats and gloves and enjoy the outdoors in relative comfort.

Though we’ll certainly miss hitting the slopes and riding in the snow on two fat tires, there’s no denying that spring brings a whole new set of adventures. From scaling peaks to paddling along some of the country’s finest coastline, spring offers the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the reawakening of the outdoors.

Hike Upper Yosemite Falls and explore the rest of the park or head to Bend, Ore., one of this year’s top adventure destinations for almost 300 miles of single-track mountain biking trails—wherever your spring adventure takes you, enjoy the fresh air and excitement.

In honor of longer days, more sunshine and (eventually) warmer temperatures, we’ve put together a list of adventures for spring that you can do across the U.S. Check out our list and get inspired to get out there.

Whitewater Rafting

As winter snow begins to melt all that water feeds the rivers creating perfect whitewater conditions. Take to the rapids this spring for the ultimate adventure. There are tons of great rivers for rafting in the U.S., check out the classic Colorado River, which winds through the Grand Canyon or head to the Deerfield River set on the east coast.

Rock climbing

So you’ve been to your local indoor climbing gym and killed it on the wall, but maybe it’s time to take your skills to the next level? Climbing outdoors is a whole new venture and with the right knowledge and instruction it can be incredible. Red River Gorge in Kentucky and Boulder Canyon in Colorado are just two great spots in the U.S. for all ability levels.

Check Out the 8 Other Spring Adventures

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