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Deal of the Day on Sierra Designs Zia 3-Person Tent
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With tents, it's hard to strike a balance between weight and durability—especially when kids are part of the equation. You don't want to break your back hauling a heavy tent into the backcountry, but then you don't exactly want your only shelter to be too cramped or susceptible to rambunctious children.

Sierra Designs' Zia 3, with its unique, three-hooped structure, is rugged and—at just over eight pounds (though SD claims less than seven)—fairly lightweight given its high capacity. Outside named it one of the 7 best tents of summer 2012 for these reasons, and also claimed it comfortably slept "three big dudes and two dogs," which means it should have no problem handling two parents and, at minimum, two rugrats.

Get one now through Saturday for 30% off MSRP at The Clymb (FREE membership required). Our advice, though: Get some practice setting it up before you hit the wilderness. The hoop-and-ridgepole design seems readymade for an embarassing tent-pitching blooper.

MSRP: $250

Sale Price: $175 (30% off)

Get it on sale at

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