Must Have Cycling Gear for Spring

Ger ready for the riding season and make sure you have everything you need

You can’t just get on a bike and start pedaling. If you want maximum results and optimal performance, you need the right gear after choosing the right bike. To make cycling a fun exercise rather than something dreadful you force yourself to endure, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared.

From gloves and socks to jackets for cold weather and bib shorts, make sure you have the right layers and accessories for your short and long road bike rides in all kinds of conditions.[slideshow:83918]

Don’t let the weather be your enemy. Mother Nature has her way of shocking us with harsh weather but that shouldn’t deter you from heading out. Next time you’re sitting on the couch and your feet are itching to get out and hop on your bike, just get up and go!

Also important is safety gear. You should always wear your helmet, dress in clothing with reflective materials, and wear gloves to protect the palms of your hands from handlebar compression.

Spring is here and riding season is in full swing. Amp up your fitness, tune up your bike, purchase some new gear and get out and have some fun.

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