Three best Nintendo Switch games

Taji Morris

One of the coolest things about playing Switch games is utilizing the Joy Con controllers.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that allows gamers to play at home on their television or take their games on the road. This offers a unique gaming experience that's somewhat unrivaled by its next-gen console competitors. But whether you're playing at home on the couch or at the bus stop with friends, a gaming console is only as good as the games it plays.

Nintendo offers a growing list of Switch games that cover a wide variety of genres. It excels in family-friendly titles like Mario Kart as well as Nintendo classics like Super Mario. It's also a great machine for co-op and competitive play where games like Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle really shine.  

Considerations when choosing Nintendo Switch games

Nintendo Switch gaming basics

The Switch comes equipped with two detachable "JoyCon" controllers, so one Nintendo Switch is all you need for competitive two-player action. Physical copies of games can be purchased in-store or online in the form of cartridges and can also be downloaded directly to the Switch via the Nintendo Game Store. Most big-name games cost around $60 brand new, but there are some titles in the $20 price range.

Online play is available on the Nintendo Switch through its online subscription service. Individual plans will cost around $20 a year, while family plans run around $35 a year.

Nintendo does a fantastic job of bringing high-quality gaming to the family-friendly market, but concerned parents and guardians may want to check the ESRB ratings on games before purchase, especially if they have any concerns about graphic or violent content.


Q. Do I need to sign up for a full year to play games online?

A. No. Nintendo offers a one-month and three-months options that cost a nominal fee.

Q. How many people can play on one Nintendo Switch?

A. Some games allow up to four people to play on one console; all you'll need to do is pair two additional JoyCon controllers. The number of players any given Nintendo Switch game can support should be listed on the packaging.

Q. Does the Switch offer the same selection of games that you get with Xbox or PS4?

A. Not quite. While you will find a few shared titles, Nintendo focuses more on its loyal fanbase, exclusive titles, and family-friendly games.

Nintendo Switch games we recommend

Best of the best: Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey

Our take: One of the most decorated games in the Switch library, Super Mario Odyssey mixes classic Mario action with open-world exploration. Beautiful graphics and an awesome soundtrack make this a perfect game for young and old.

What we like: The game is highly immersive. The storyline pulls you in, and the incorporation of the systems rumble controller function makes you a part of the action no matter where you're playing.

What we dislike: Because it's so immersive, some parts of the game require motion controls to perform. This may not be ideal if you're sitting on a crowded bus.  

Best bang for your buck: Ubisoft Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Our take: Like two games in one, Ubisoft and Nintendo bring recognizable characters together to form an action-packed adventure the entire family can enjoy.

What we like: The turn-based style of gameplay is easy to learn while also rewarding to experienced players. The puzzles are challenging, and the familiar characters and added humor create endless entertainment.  

What we dislike: In order to play with two people in co-op mode, one person must complete a small portion of the game alone first.

Choice 3: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Our take: This is classic Mario Kart action at its finest, with new characters, new race tracks, and new features.

What we like: Some new features (like "smart steering") will allow younger, less-experienced players to have more fun competing against seasoned veterans. The addition of online play gives vets the competition they need to keep getting better.

What we dislike: In some cases, playing online didn't deliver quite the same fluid gameplay experience as playing locally.

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