Three best money belts

Daniel Kobialka

If you wear a money belt under your clothes, button your shirt and tuck the money belt into your pants or skirt.

A money belt offers a handy option to secure your cash, credit cards, ID, and other personal items. It easily attaches to the body, allowing you to carry these belongings anywhere you go. Plus, a money belt won't break your budget. There are many options that offer a terrific combination of affordability, durability, and convenience.

Of course, the right money belt varies from person to person. While some people prefer a front-facing money belt, others may select one they can wear on the back, neck, or leg.

To help you as you shop, our guide has some helpful tips and a few recommendations so you can find the money belt that will serve you well both now and in the future.

Considerations when choosing money belts

Consider how you intend to use a money belt before you make your purchase. If you think about the items you want to carry in it on a daily basis, you can select the model that offers plenty of storage space to accommodate your individual needs. There are a few main factors to consider as you shop for a money belt, including the following:

Security: A money belt should keep your personal items hidden beneath your clothing, and by doing so, reduces the risk of theft.

Comfort: A money belt should not be big, bulky, or heavy. The right money belt can be worn comfortably at all times.

Durability: A money belt that consists of a cotton-synthetic blend tends to be durable, soft, and breathable. Some money belts resist moisture and others come equipped with an antimicrobial backing.

Money belt features

Design: A "traditional" money belt is worn around the waist and includes two pockets that offer ample space for a wide range of items. There are models that connect to a regular belt that provide less storage space than traditional options. Money pouches can be tucked into the pants for added convenience and security.

Fit: What good is a money belt that bogs you down? The right fit is paramount, so you should try on several different types to find one that fits you perfectly.  

Waterproof: Waterproof money belts are a great option for activities like boating and kayaking. Not all money belts are waterproof, however. If you intend to use your money belt during activities around or on the water, invest in a waterproof model.

RFID sleeve: Some money belts function as radio frequency identification (RFID) sleeves. These offer unmatched security because they prevent criminals from wirelessly accessing information from your chip-enabled credit cards.  

Money belt prices: Money belts range in price from $10 to $50. An inexpensive model usually includes one or two storage compartments, while a high-end money belt offers multiple storage compartments, is constructed from premium materials, and may have other exceptional features.


Q. Will a money belt hold a smartphone?

A. Some money belts are designed to hold smartphones of all sizes, but the storage space provided depends on the model. If you want a money belt that holds your cash and smartphone, shop around to find one that offers sufficient storage space.

Q. Is there a difference between a money belt and a fanny pack?

A. Money belts and fanny packs differ. A money belt is thin and streamlined and is designed to fit under your clothing. A fanny pack features a single storage compartment and is designed to be worn over your clothing.   

Q. Are there money belts with a headphone opening?

A. Some money belts feature a convenient headphone opening that allows you to plug in your smartphone or MP3 player without removing it from the belt itself. If you enjoy listening to music on the go and want to keep your smartphone or MP3 player safe, you might want to select one of these money belts.

Money belts we recommend

Best of the best: Eagle Creek Silk Undercover

Our take: This money belt is soft to the touch and provides ample storage space for your cash, smartphone, and other items.

What we like: Equipped with a silk exterior and satin lining for long-lasting durability. Lies flat against the body, so the money belt is virtually invisible.

What we dislike: Plastic buckles and zippers tend to fall apart easily.

Best bang for your buck: VENTURE 4TH Travel Money Belt

Our take: For those who prioritize style, function, and economy, this money belt may be ideal.

What we like: Offers RFID protection to safeguard your chip-enabled credit cards against criminals. Nylon construction delivers outstanding strength and versatility for the price.  

What we dislike: This money belt has fewer pockets than many comparable options.

Choice 3: Level Terrain Flipbelt

Our take: This money belt wicks away moisture and comes in several attractive colors.

What we like: Offers multi-access openings throughout the belt. Doesn't have any buckles that could cause chafing.

What we dislike: Tends to ride up during strenuous exercise.

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