Three best mole removal pens

Kailey Fralick

If your mole has an unusual appearance or changes in color or shape, you should visit your dermatologist.

It used to be that the only way you could get a mole removed was to go to the dermatologist and pay for professional removal. But with the advent of mole removal pens, you can now safely remove moles yourself from the comfort of your own home. While all these pens do more or less the same job, some do it better than others. Here's a quick guide to help those who are new to mole removal pens. We've also included specific product recommendations for the best mole removal pens on the market.

Considerations when choosing mole removal pens

Before you purchase a mole removal pen, it's important to think about what you plan on using it for. If you're only using it on small moles or freckles, you won't need a pen that's as powerful as those meant for larger, raised moles. The size of your moles will also determine what kind of needles you need. Fine needles work for smaller moles, but coarse needles are best for removing larger spots. Fortunately, most mole removal pens come with both fine and coarse needles.


Here are the most important features you need to pay attention to when choosing a mole removal pen.

Ease of use

This is especially important if you've never used a mole removal pen before. It should be simple to operate and come with detailed instructions so you can use the pen properly.


A good mole removal pen can take care of a single small mole in one treatment, but depending on the strength of the pen and the size of the mole, it may take two or more treatments to remove a larger mole completely.

Strength settings

Most mole removal pens have anywhere from three to eight settings. The higher the setting, the deeper the pen penetrates the skin and the bigger the spots it can remove.

Power source

Most mole removal pens come with a rechargeable battery that lasts for several hours at a time, but battery life may vary depending on the settings you use and the model you have.


Mole removal pens typically include fine and coarse needles, but the amount of each will vary by model.


No mole removal pen is completely painless, but some are gentler than others. You can get some idea of the pain level by reading through customer reviews to find out which pens offer the best balance of effectiveness and comfort.


Mole removal pens range in price from around $15 to $80. The more settings and needles, the more you can expect to pay for the pen. Most mole removal pens do a similar job, so there's no need to get an expensive one unless you plan on using it often or you have larger moles to remove.


Q. Will a mole removal pen work on raised moles?

A. Yes, it should. But mole removal pens don't penetrate that deeply into the skin, so you may need to do several treatments in order to get rid of a raised mole.

Q. How quickly will a mole disappear after being treated with a mole removal pen?

A. Mole removal pens don't get rid of moles immediately. They cauterize the area, and then a scab forms over it. Wait for the scab to fall off naturally. This could take up to a month in some cases, but it will depend on how quickly your body heals and which strength setting you use.

Q. Can I use a mole removal pen on tattoos?

A. Some mole removal pens claim they are effective at removing tattoos, but unless the tattoo that you're trying to get rid of is very small, you're probably better off seeking professional help.

Mole removal pens we recommend

Best of the best: XPREEN Spot Eraser Pro 

Our take: This versatile mole removal pen can erase everything from freckles and moles to skin tags and even small tattoos.

What we like: This powerful pen comes with six strength settings, 10 replaceable fine needles, and three coarse needles, so it can tackle anything from light freckles to large moles. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for hours at a time.

What we dislike: Some users find this pen a little painful, especially when used on the higher settings.

Best bang for your buck: BDSii Mole Removal Pen

Our take: This is an affordable, user-friendly mole removal pen for those who are new to at-home mole removal.

What we like: This pen fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and is quick and easy for beginners to use. It has eight strength levels and comes with 30 fine needles and two coarse needles to tackle virtually any mole.

What we dislike: A few people reported that their pens stopped working after a couple of uses, but this doesn't appear to be a widespread issue.

Choice 3: Jovivi LCD Electric Laser Mole Removal Pen 

Our take: This mole removal pen produces good results without too much discomfort.

What we like: This pen has six strength settings and causes minimal pain. It can get rid of dark spots as well as moles and skin tags.

What we dislike: It only comes with five fine needles and one coarse needle, so you may have to purchase new needles more often.

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