Three best men’s golf gloves

Kyle Schurman

Unlike some other sports in which players wear gloves on both hands, in golf, you only wear a glove on one hand.

Golfers tend to be pretty loyal to their equipment. They have particular golf balls, golf clubs, and even golf bags that they always want to use.

However, those same golfers are just as likely to grab the first golf glove they find on the shelf -- or wadded in the bottom in the golf bag -- and not worry about the brand. For such a key piece of equipment, it's worth your time to learn more about the features that different golf gloves offer. The best golf glove can help prevent blisters, but it can also allow you to maintain a firm grip on the club, helping you strike the ball properly and save strokes.

If you're looking for a new golf glove, this buying guide has plenty of tips, as well as some recommendations.

Considerations when choosing men's golf clubs

Always pay particular attention to the materials and size of your golf glove.

Materials: Leather and synthetic fabrics are common materials you'll find in golf gloves. They're soft and pliable, provide above average longevity, and help you maintain your grip on the club. You'll typically find the leather in the palm, providing durability, and the synthetic materials in the areas that must flex, such as the fingers.

You can sometimes find thin gloves made of synthetic microfibers, but these aren't as durable. For cold weather golfing, consider thicker gloves made of thermal materials.

Size: An improper fit can lead to blisters. Common sizes for men's golf gloves are medium, medium/large, and large, but you can also find small and extra-large. Less commonly you'll find cadet gloves, which have fingers of smaller than average length to help with a snug fit.

Golf glove features

Padding: Pricier golf gloves set themselves apart from cheaper versions by the amount of padding they offer, especially in the palm where wear is common.

Perforations: More expensive gloves should have plenty of perforations to allow for airflow to keep your hand cool and dry. These holes should be laid out so they don't compromise the durability of the glove.

Golf glove prices: Golf gloves don't cost that much -- you'll be able to purchase a quality glove for as little as $10. Even the most expensive golf gloves cost less than $25. If you want to save money on gloves, some manufacturers offer them in packs of two or more. This is a smart idea because if your glove tears in the middle of a round, you'll have a backup glove to keep blisters at bay.


Q. Do I have to wear a golf glove?

A. Although nearly all golfers wear a glove, there's no rule in the game that says you have to. Some golfers remove the glove for short chip shots or putting. However, for tee shots, a glove can help you maintain a tight grip on the club while also preventing blisters.

Q. Which hand wears the glove?

A. A golfer who is normally right-handed would wear the glove on the left hand. For lefties, the reverse is true. When swinging the club, the gloved hand will be on the top of the handle grip -- the hand that absorbs the force of the shot. The glove protects the hand from the force.

Q. What happens if the glove is loose?

A. A properly fitting glove will be tight. You won't see wrinkles in the material. A loose glove could cause blisters or cause you to lose your grip on the club.

Men's golf gloves we recommend

Best of the best: Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

Our take: For those who golf a lot, this glove will last a long time and provide maximum padding.

What we like: Sturdy grip, so the club will never feel like it's slipping in your hand. Moisture-wicking properties to keep your hand dry.

What we dislike: For maximum comfort, you need time to break in the glove.

Best bang for your buck: MG Golf DynaGrip Golf Glove

Our take: Extremely low price for a glove proven to deliver great comfort and performance.

What we like: Soft feel ensures you'll be able to control the club precisely. One of the least expensive brand-name golf gloves available.

What we dislike: Thin material may rip if it's placed under a lot of stress.

Choice 3: Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

Our take: Design is perfect for hot weather. Wicks away moisture and sweat.

What we like: Lower price than average, yet gives golfers a great grip. Soft and comfortable.

What we dislike: Can be tough to find just the right fit.

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