Three best garment bags

Jennifer Blair

Hang your garment bag as soon as you arrive at your destination to keep your clothing as wrinkle-free as possible.

Whether you're traveling for work or a special occasion like a wedding, you want to be sure you have a bag that keeps your suit or dress wrinkle-free. Your usual suitcase won't do the trick, however, which is why it's important to have a high-quality garment bag to keep your clothing in pristine condition when you travel.

But choosing the right garment bag can be tricky. You have to decide on the type of bag, the best size and weight, number of compartments, and other features to make sure that the bag fits your travel style.

If you're confused, our shopping guide has all the tips you need to find the ideal garment bag for your next trip. If you're strapped for time and prefer the easiest shopping possible, we've included a few specific product recommendations.

Considerations when choosing garment bags


There are three types of garment bags: lightweight, foldable, and rolling.

Lightweight garment bags are thin bags that have a hanger but aren't designed to be folded. These can usually only hold one or two suits or dresses and aren't designed for heavy travel. They work best if you're reaching your destination by car because they're not as effective at preventing wrinkles as other types of bags.

Foldable garment bags are a sturdier option, so they're more successful at preventing wrinkles. As their name implies, these bags fold up. They have large handles, so they work well for heavy travel.

Rolling garment bags usually provide the most protection for your clothing when you're in transit. They're made of durable materials and can help keep delicate fabrics from wrinkling. Best of all, these bags have wheels to make them easy to move around.


Garment bags are typically available in two sizes. Those that are meant to be used as carry-ons are 21 inches or smaller. Larger bags that are meant to be checked are 40 inches or larger. The larger the garment bag, the more clothing it can hold, so consider how much you usually pack for a trip to determine the best size for your needs.

Garment bag features

Compartments: In addition to the main compartment that is designed to hold suits or dresses, some garment bags provide additional pockets to make packing even easier. There might be pockets for ties, shoes, undergarments, toiletries, and other items, so your bag stays organized.

Wheels: With a rolling garment bag, it's important to choose a model with high-quality wheels. For the best performance, opt for a bag with two wheels rather than four because it's often easier to maneuver. Wheels that are built into the frame are less likely to break off, so they usually hold up better to wear and tear.

Handle: A durable, comfortable handle is a key feature for a garment bag. Foldable bags usually have a carrying handle and a shoulder strap, so you can carry the bag whichever way is most comfortable. Rolling bags typically have extendable handles that can lock in place for easy maneuvering.

Hanger: The hanger compartment of a garment bag is obviously the most important, so you want to choose a model with a well-designed hanger area. Opt for a model with locking clamps that hold the hangers snugly so your clothes will stay in place in transit.

Garment bag prices: Garment bags range from $5 to $300. Those under $25 tend to be lightweight and not ideal for heavy travel. Foldable bags range from $25 to $75, while rolling bags cost between $75 and $125. If you want the sturdiest garment bag that doubles as your primary suitcase, you'll likely pay between $125 and $300.


Q. How do I know how many suits or dresses a garment bag can hold?

A. Many manufacturers detail how many suits, dresses, or skirts you can expect to fit inside a bag in the product description, so you can be sure to find the right capacity bag for your needs

Q. Can I use a garment bag as a carry-on?

A. Some garment bags are small enough to meet size guidelines for most airline carry-ons. Be sure to check the product specifications for the dimensions of the bag and verify with the airline that the bag is an acceptable size.

Garment bags we recommend

Best of the best: Zegur Suit Carry On Garment Bag

Our take: High-quality, durable bag fits everything from suits and dresses to shoes and ties. The best option on the market.

What we like: Made of fray-resistant, waterproof 1800D polyester with patterned interior lining. Features detachable, adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying and multiple interior pockets. Fits most airline overhead bins, too.

What we dislike: Some complaints of faulty zippers.

Best bang for your buck: Traveler's Choice Travel Select Amsterdam Rolling Garment Bag 

Our take: An outstanding option if you want an affordable bag with many of the same benefits offered by more expensive bags.

What we like: Boasts several of the same features of higher-end bags but at a more budget-friendly price. Nonslip shoulder strap can be detached. Four colors.

What we dislike: Some complaints that wheels aren't that durable and zippers can jam.

Choice 3: WallyBags Garment Bag 

Our take: Basic garment bag with a high-quality design.

What we like: Light, classic design. Available in five colors. Exclusive WallyLock clamp to secure hangers. Three-year limited warranty.

What we dislike: No extra compartments. Handles may be too short for some users.

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