Three best beard trimmers

Allen Foster

The best time to trim your beard is after a warm shower— your hair is hydrated, making it easier to cut.

There are few facial features that can make a more striking first impression than a neatly trimmed beard. It can give you an air of sophistication, distinction, refinement, or hint at an intriguing ruggedness. A well-groomed beard can even quietly persuade people to hold you in higher esteem. However, unkempt facial hair has the opposite effect. It can lead people to make some much less desirable assumptions about your character. The difference between receiving respect and having people avert their eyes when they first meet you is a quality beard trimmer.

Considerations when choosing beard trimmers

As with all items, there are features that you want and ones you truly need. Somewhere in between resides the set of features that are best for you.

Cordless or corded

Rechargeable beard trimmers offer the user plenty of options. They are fully mobile, allowing you to perform a quick touch-up when you're on the road. Some you can even take in the shower with you. Corded beard trimmers, on the other hand, provide consistent power and are more affordable.

Lightweight and ergonomic

You want a lightweight beard trimmer that fits comfortably in your hand, is easy to maneuver, and has a solid grip. All of these features facilitate detail work on intricate beard styles.

Guards or length settings

Some beard trimmers come with a wide variety of guards that you can snap on to perform everything from detail work to trimming your hair and the hair of your pets. Other models are precision instruments that can cut with 0.5 millimeter of accuracy.

More considerations

A sharp blade that is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin is desirable for comfort. A beard trimmer that's easy to clean will help you keep up with routine maintenance so it will last for years instead of months. Two final essentials are clipper oil and a cleaning brush. If they come as part of the trimmer's accessories, that is a welcome bonus.

Beard trimmer prices: You can get a corded beard trimmer for about $11. If your beard isn't that intricate, that might be all you need. As you move up in price, in the $25 to $60 range, you'll find more trimming options, better quality blades, and some decent cordless models. From $60 to $80 and up takes you to bells-and-whistles territory where you can find luxury features such as a floating head and an integrated vacuum system to cut down on scattered clippings.


Q. Any advice on getting the best trim?

A. Always start with a longer guard because if you make a mistake, there's room to improve. Also, keep the hair on your neck and cheeks a little shorter so the beard's fullness is along your chin and you'll be fine.

Q. I'm having trouble with stragglers. What do I do with those last couple of stubborn hairs?

A. It can be tempting to use your beard trimmer to clip away those tenacious few strands, but that's not the best way. Even a tiny miscut may mean you have to reshape all over again. The best approach is to snip the offenders with a pair of beard-trimming scissors.

Beard trimmers we recommend

Best of the best: Panasonic Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer

Our take: Reasonably priced cordless trimmer with a variety of settings. Can be used when dry or wet.

What we like: The design allows you to trim while in the shower, which means the trimmer can be washed for quick maintenance. Adjustable dial offers 19 different 0.5 mm increments, so you can craft your beard with precision.

What we dislike: It only trims up to 1 cm, so individuals with heavy-duty trimming needs should consider another option.

Best bang for your buck: Pure Enrichment TRYM II Cordless Rechargeable Hair and Beard Trimmer

Our take: Aesthetically pleasing, budget-priced trimmer that easily fits in the palm.

What we like: This trimmer's most appealing features are sleek design and affordable price. Comes with four trimming attachments. Stainless-steel blades effortlessly slice through the toughest facial hair.

What we dislike: Some models can lose maximum cutting power before the warranty period expires. Note your purchase date and keep the paperwork in case you need to contact the company.

Choice 3: Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

Our take: Sturdy, no-frills trimmer that's comfortable to hold and easy to use.

What we like: Ergonomic design makes it easy to guide along facial contours. Rounded, self-sharpening blades with ten locking settings offer comfort and precision. Can be used while charging.

What we dislike: Stay on top of maintenance because unclean blades can cause hair to be pulled instead of cut.

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