Live long and prosper with these awesome Star Trek gifts

Andrew Hard

Need a gift idea for that Trekkie in your life?

Star Trek: The Original Series premiered way back in 1966 and the franchise is still going strong. There have been dozens of television series, films, comic books, and video games since then, and with a new Jean-Luc Picard show in the works, it's clear Star Trek isn't going anywhere any time soon. Is it possible that when Spock uttered his famous mantra, "Live long and prosper," he was referring to the franchise itself?

With such impressive staying power, it's no surprise that there are enough Star Trek gifts on the market to fill 1,000 Enterprise cargo holds. What should you get for that Trekkie in your life? Read on to find out.

Star Trek transporter mug

Whether you prefer earl grey tea or hot black coffee, every captain needs a chalice. This transporter mug offers a lovely way to start your day with a unique design featuring Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Lieutenant Uhura, and Dr. McCoy from the original series. Fill the mug with a hot beverage of your choice and watch the crew leave the transporter room on one side and materialize on the other side. We can't think of a better way to energize your morning.

The Geeky Chef Cookbook

We don't have replicators in 2018, so, sadly, we have to make food the old-fashioned way. We can still make the cuisine of the future though with The Geeky Chef Cookbook. Featuring a glut of recipes from fantasy and sci-fi media, this book includes Star Trek classics like Klingon gagh, Vulcan plomeek soup, the burrito-like Bajoran hasperat, and a truly delectable cellular peptide cake. Yum. The universe is a big place, however, and the The Geeky Chef Cookbook also has recipes from The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, The Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, and many more.

USS Voyager model

Unlike the other Star Trek series and films, Star Trek: Voyager saw a Federation crew flung far from home to a completely foreign region of space. Isolated 70,000 light years from Earth, the Voyager team battled their way through territory ranging from hospitable and fruitful to devastatingly war-torn, and throughout seven seasons, the Voyager ship became iconic. This 1:670 Scale model from Revell lets you bring the Intrepid-class starship home with you. The kit contains 67 pieces and measures 51.4 cm in length, emergency medical hologram unfortunately not included.

Star Trek: Five Year Mission

Trekkies are a cerebral bunch, which makes a strategic board game a stellar gift idea. Instead of pitting people against one another, Star Trek: Five Year Mission offers a cooperative gameplay experience, where players board either the Enterprise from the original series or the USS Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation and assume a role. Each role has a special ability, and each of the 3 to 7 players must use their specialties to solve a series of challenges. It's perfect for taking a break during a Star Trek watch-a-thon, as each game last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Borg cube miniature

We couldn't resist adding this interactive Borg cube miniature to our list. Doing otherwise would be futile, as the Borg remain the most harrowing villain in the Star Trek universe. They travel from star system to star system, assimilating other cultures' technological and biological distinctiveness into their own. They've been doing so since they were introduced in a 1989 episode of The Next Generation, and with this light-up cube, they'll continue their evil mission right from your desk.

Enterprise bottle opener

Throw me a cold one, Scotty! This officially-licensed bottle opener is based on the NCC-1071 Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series and makes an excellent holiday stocking stuffer. Made of high-quality metal, this bottle opener will last no matter how many Romulan ales you throw at it.

Bluetooth communicator badge

Whether they admit it or not, every Trekkie has fantasized about having their very own communicator badge. This Bluetooth version can turn fantasy into reality, as it transcends cool prop status by wirelessly connecting to phones and tablets. With its built-in microphone and speaker, you can make phone calls and even play music through your ComBadge, and it utilizes a magnetic backplate to stay in place. And yes, it chirps when you press it.


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