Halftime games the whole family will enjoy

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Jennifer Blair

Halftime games the whole family will enjoy.

Whether it's the first match of the season or a championship bout, getting together with family and friends to watch the big game is always a treat. But if you're watching with kids, they probably get a little bored during halftime. Planning a fun game for the entire group to enjoy during the break in the action is a surefire to keep everyone entertained.

Not sure which halftime games would be fun for the whole crew? Here are some entertaining ideas for filling the break in big-game action.

Touch or flag football

Whether you're watching the Super Bowl or a Saturday afternoon college football game, throwing around the pigskin yourself can be a fun way to entertain yourself during halftime. But the kids might not be able to tackle Mom and Dad, and Grandpa probably isn't up to absorbing hits like the old days.

Keep everyone happy -- and injury-free -- with a game of touch or flag football. Instead of tackling the other team, you either touch the opponent who's carrying the ball or pull a flag at their waist free to end the play. Touch football is great if you don't have a flag football set, but kids often have an easier time with flag football because it may be easier for them to grab a flapping flag than get a hand on their opponent.


If you're watching March Madness or the NBA Finals, a basketball-themed game is a bit more appropriate when you want to stay active during halftime. Horse is a great option because it emphasizes shooting skills rather than speed or stamina and only requires one hoop.

The rules are simple: players line up, and the first player calls out the shot he's going to attempt, such as an eye-closed shot from just in front of the basket. If he misses the shot, he moves to the end of the line. If he makes the shot, the next player has to take the same shot. A player who misses earns an "H," and the next player attempts the shot. Players who earn every letter to spell "horse" are eliminated from the game, so the last remaining player is the winner.

To make things a little more fun, consider changing the word that you spell. Instead of "horse," players might earn the letters that spell out the name of your favorite team or player.


If you prefer a halftime game that allows you to get outdoors but doesn't require as much athleticism, cornhole is an exciting option. The game is simple: you toss small bean bags at a wooden platform that has a hole near the top. Your goal is to shoot the bags through the hole.

The great thing about cornhole is that you can score points just by landing a bag on the platform, so kids won't be discouraged by not getting the bags in the hole. Younger players could also stand a little closer to the platform for a shorter throw distance.

You need a cornhole game set to play, but cornhole sets are affordable -- and it's not just a game for halftime, either. You can play it while you're tailgating, barbecuing, or picnicking, too.

Sports-themed charades

Charades is a classic crowd-pleaser, but when you're playing during halftime, it can be even more fun if you tweak it to fit the day's theme. For example, instead of the usual movies and TV shows, try acting out sports terms, athletes, and other game-related concepts. If you're playing during football halftime, try words like "touchdown," "quarterback," and "field goal." During a basketball game, you can use words like "lay-up," "free throw," and "dribble."


Want a fun halftime game that involves your favorite cookies? Lineman is a great way to entertain the family and share some tasty treats at the same time.

Make a playing board by recreating the lines on a football field on a piece of paper that you tape to your dining room table. Players stand at one end of the table and slide cookies across the board with the aim of landing one on each line. The player who's able to do it in the shortest amount of time wins the game. (It's definitely not against the rules to nibble on a few cookies as you play.)

Keeping your friends and family entertained during halftime doesn't have to be difficult. No matter the age or skill set of your guests, there are quite a few games to enjoy. The only real problem you might run into is the whole family being disappointed when halftime is over and it's time to put the game away.


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