Better, not bitter: Beauty Bakerie makeup line empowers

Ola Faleti

If you've been looking for new makeup staples to add to your rotation, we recommend checking out Beauty Bakerie before anywhere else.

What started as Cashmere Nicole's passion project while battling cancer, Beauty Bakerie has become a worldwide makeup brand, sported by everyone from Beyoncé to Instagram influencers galore.

"Better, Not Bitter" is Beauty Bakerie's motto. It's refreshingly positive, much like the company's founder.

I reviewed four products for BestReviews -- the Sugar Lip Scrub, Lip Whip, Setting Flour (i.e., powder), and Scoops Elysées face and body palette.

To test the well-hyped Lip Whip, I prepared my lips with the Sugar Lip Scrub. There's a decent amount of product for $12, and the scrub tastes slightly sweet as you rub it on your lips. Once I rinsed it off, my lips were noticeably softer. Not only that, but moisturized -- not always the case with exfoliants. The Lip Whip isn't meant to be used with any moisturizers like chapstick or Vaseline. Those are usually my go-to for lip prep. But after the sugar scrub, my lips felt sufficiently hydrated.

The Lip Whip I applied was the Raspberry Tiramisu, a deep plum shade. Perfect for a night on the town or a subdued fall look. The brush at the tip of the applicator is at an angle, which makes it easier to apply to all crevices of the lip. I was surprised by how quickly the product dried. And once it dried, it stayed on. I drank water, ate meals, wiped my mouth with a napkin, and went about my day for 10 hours. The lip whip didn't fade at all. I've always been a lip color fan, but have traditionally been turned off by how easily it can come off. Beauty Bakerie solves that problem.

The next day, I applied the setting flour. I was pleased with how neatly the translucent powder went on. I chose to wear it without a foundation layer. Throughout the day, my face wasn't as oily as it usually is.

I layered the Scoops Elysées palette, which comes with four colors -- a peach, an orange, a medium pink and a gold highlight. I blended the peach, orange and gold. The palette is flattering for warm-toned skin like mine, adding a nice rosiness to my face. And it's buildable, meaning you can layer as much as you want. And even if you prefer a more subtle look, you'll be satisfied.

Bottom line: What I ordered was nearly $100, which isn't cheap. But you get what you pay for: The products, especially the Lip Whip, have real longevity. You won't have to worry about smudging throughout the day. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing your makeup is vegan, ethically sourced, and made for a plethora of skin tones.

Beauty Bakerie products are available on the company's website, as well as a limited array available on Amazon. In September, it was announced that some of the cosmetics would be featured in Ulta's lineup.

A conversation with Cashmere Nicole, Founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie

Q: When you first started Beauty Bakerie, who were your products for? Were they for yourself?

A: I made products out of knowing that make up products are broken. It shouldn't be a chore to put on makeup. You shouldn't have to constantly touch up your makeup through the day, and putting it on shouldn't be tedious.

Q: Did you find makeup tedious?

A: Yes. As a career professional, putting on makeup took away valuable time. Or think of if you haven't seen someone in awhile, you want to wear a red lipstick to see them. But do you wear the lipstick or worry about it getting kissed off? You shouldn't have to choose.

Q: The foundation comes in 30 shades. Was it difficult to cater to such a wide consumer base?

A: No. The only way you make it challenging is if the people at the table aren't diverse. Or if you don't do the research, don't invite the right people, or don't value their voices enough to give them a seat. Each product at Beauty Bakerie is like a baby. It needs its own care and its own packaging. It's expensive and time consuming, but it's not difficult.

Q: I take it that Beauty Bakerie's team is pretty diverse, then.

A: We have different religions, skin tones, ethnicities, and sexualities at Beauty Bakerie. It's how we've always been, and I wouldn't know how to operate in any other way. Even now, I go to meetings asking myself, who I am I leaving out? We are a diverse team. Because how can you look someone in the face at a meeting and say, "Oh, we don't carry foundations for gray or green undertones like yours. We don't cater to them?" You can't.

Q: What products are you especially proud of?

A: Our flour setting powder is a top performer. It's desired globally and hard to keep stocked. People were hearing about it through word of mouth. I hold all our products to this standard -- I want every product to make people as excited as the setting powder does.

The Lip Whip is another. At first we only carried five to seven. Even as a product with a learning curve, the Lip Whip took off. There were users educating other users online on how to use it, which was great to see.

Q: What inspired the pastry/bakery theme?

A: I do like pastries. But it's more about giving and doing for other people. At the time Beauty Bakerie started, other makeups were branded with a bad-girl persona. I felt we needed a brand people can identify with. What about people who are happy, or people who want to help others? We take a holistic approach with Beauty Bakerie. The sweet life is about using healthy makeup ingredients, giving to others, and enjoying life's small moments.


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