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Allen Foster

Just because a wheelbarrow is larger, it doesn't mean that it is designed to handle more weight. Always check the manufacturer's recommended weight capacity before purchasing.

Wheelbarrows are large, awkward items that are difficult to store. However, when you need one, you really need one, and there's just no better way to haul things around. When that time comes, you will want to purchase a wheelbarrow that has a great deal of versatility and durability, so it serves you well for many years to come. 

Our runaway favorite is WORX's Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow, a highly adaptable tool that can be used for a wide array of tasks. To learn more about this solid wheelbarrow as well as the best features to look for in other models, keep reading.

Considerations when choosing wheelbarrows

Volume and weight

There are two ways to measure a wheelbarrow's capacity: volume and weight.


Volume refers to how much carrying space your wheelbarrow has. It is typically measured in cubic feet. The larger the volume capacity, the more you can fit in your wheelbarrow. About 5 cubic feet is usually sufficient for most average garden tasks.


This refers to how much weight your wheelbarrow can safely support. Depending on what you are transporting, it is possible that your wheelbarrow may only be partially full when it reaches its weight capacity. It is essential that you do not overload your wheelbarrow in either capacity.

Other considerations

After you've found a wheelbarrow that has a sufficient volume capacity as well as a sufficient weight capacity for your needs, there are a few other things you will want to consider. Most wheelbarrow features are tradeoffs - you may get something beneficial, but it comes at a sacrifice of something else.


Wheelbarrows are either metal or plastic, and each material has its pros and cons. A metal wheelbarrow may be more rugged, but plastic models are lighter weight, easier to handle, and they are often more affordable.


A wheelbarrow with one wheel is easier to maneuver, but a two-wheel model is easier to balance.


If your wheelbarrow has two handles, you will have much greater control when it comes to tilting, dumping, and steering. However, if you opt for a single handle that curves around the back of the unit, that is better for individuals with less hand strength. Additionally, it is possible to operate a lightweight, balanced wheelbarrow with one handle while using only one hand.


A wider wheelbarrow may have a greater volume capacity, but a narrower model can get through fence gates and other openings more easily.


The wheelbarrow you purchase for $40 might not be durable enough to make you happy. For most home users, it is better to set your budget in the $60 to $90 price range. However, if you will be doing heavy duty work, it is better to look in the $100 plus range.


Q. Where should I store my wheelbarrow?

A. Since metal rusts and plastic gets brittle from exposure to the sun and cold, a garage or a shed is the best storage location. Some models are designed to be hung on the wall, while others might need to be nestled in a corner. If you must leave it outside, keep your wheelbarrow clean and dry and try to provide some protection from the elements.

Q. What are flat-free tires?

A. A flat-free tire is a tire that is solid and has no air in it so it can't be punctured and it won't go flat. These kinds of tires also require no maintenance, such as occasionally filling them with air. The downside is they provide a less comfortable ride and are more prone to leave tracks in your yard.

Wheelbarrows we recommend

Best of the best: WORX: Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

Our take: A remarkably versatile wheelbarrow that can be of great benefit in a wide variety of situations.

What we like: This unit quickly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly so it can be used in numerous heavy load carrying tasks. The large flat-free tires and all-steel construction allow this model to have a 300-pound capacity. 

What we dislike: About the only downside to this ingeniously designed tool is its higher price tag.

Best bang for your buck: Marathon Industries: Dual-Wheel Residential Wheelbarrow

Our take: A uniquely designed two-wheel wheelbarrow that is affordably priced and satisfactorily rugged.

What we like: The wide two-wheel base gives the user a more secure handling experience. Even though the model is lightweight, it is still rated to carry up to a 300-pound load.

What we dislike: Although the unit is rated for heavier loads, it functions better when it is not fully loaded.

Choice 3: Polar Trailer: 7 Cubic Feet Club Cart

Our take: A handy workhorse that can accommodate a load of 7 cubic feet that weighs up to 400 pounds.

What we like: This wide and rugged wheelbarrow has a high-impact polyethylene tub that weighs only 35 pounds. Additionally, the unit is designed to be hung on a wall, which can reduce the space needed for storage.

What we dislike: The unit can be difficult to assemble as the instructions are not completely clear.

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