Best ways to help your kid focus on their homework

Courtney Love

Your kid will breeze through their homework if they can manage to stay focused.

Keep distracted minds on track with these simple tips and brain-boosting tools - even if they’re excessive fidgeters

With a short attention span and a million distractions all day long, there’s no wonder why some kids need help staying focused, especially when it comes to the daunting task of homework. 

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why a 10-minute piece of homework has taken your kid hours to get started, keep reading to discover the best ways to help them focus on their homework along with some brain-boosting tools that’ll help get it done without the fuss.

Eight simple ways to improve your kid’s focus

Unfortunately, getting homework done isn’t as simple as sitting them at their desk and telling them to get to work. They are kids after all, and they are going to get distracted.

There are many reasons that could be contributing towards your kid’s limited focus, such as:

  • Getting distracted by toys and devices
  • Lacking a suitable study space
  • Frustration from not understanding or finding tasks too challenging 
  • A busy or worried mind
  • Limited motivation
  • Boredom
  • Tiredness
  • Excess energy

However, from removing distractions to implementing a healthy routine, there are ways you can boost their concentration and motivation. Here are eight tips to try (if you haven’t already): 

1. Eliminate distractions

Physical distractions play a huge role in keeping kids’ minds astray, particularly when studying at home. Ensure you remove distractions from arms reach and even visual sight, if necessary. Additionally, if your kid is easily distracted by sounds around the house, consider using noise-canceling headphones

2. Create a study space

Kids are more likely to settle into a task and remain focused when sensory needs are met. Be sure to consider a few factors that help create the perfect study space, such as sound, lighting, smells or having something stimulating to fiddle with. 

For example, if an office chair doesn’t cut it for your fidget-bottom kid, consider wiggle cushions, bounce-ball chairs, or fidget bands. Other great tools to help set up the ideal study space include scented candles or even weighted blankets.

3. Ensure they understand their tasks

Make sure they are familiar with what their homework requires them to do. Offer help to get them started by breaking it down into smaller tasks. This will not only help to avoid them becoming overwhelmed but will also increase their motivation.

4. Time-block

Improve focus and prevent your kid from getting bored, tired or frustrated by breaking study time down into smaller periods. A great way of doing this is by setting a timer to encourage short breaks. 

5. Use a reward system

Implement a suitable reward system that is guaranteed to motivate your kid to be productive, by considering their personal interests and understanding how they work best.

For example, some kids may be motivated to finish their homework if they know they can earn screen-time or playtime once it’s complete. Others may benefit more from regular positive feedback and more tangible rewards such as stars or points.

6. Keep it exciting

Often, kids lean towards distractions and misbehavior due to boredom, especially if their homework isn’t challenging enough, or they’ve been working on a task for a long time. Keep it exciting by encouraging them to switch between tasks and subjects when possible.

7. Implement a healthy routine

Besides keeping your kid on track with a regular homework schedule, adopt healthy habits that will improve their focus. A healthy routine could include:

  • Daily exercise to burn off excess energy.
  • A balanced diet full of brain-boosting foods, water and limited sugar.
  • A consistent sleep schedule.
  • Limited screen time, particularly in the evening.
  • Avoid late-night studying.

8. Consider mindfulness techniques 

Mindfulness techniques have proven to help manage emotions, relax and improve focus. Consider teaching your kid simple breathing techniques or plug into a guided meditation. It’s a great way to reset between activities and to help them get focused.

The best tools to help your kid focus on their homework

KADAMS Time Tracker Visual Timer: available at Amazon

Designed to manage time blocks, this traffic light timer lets the colorful lights manage time for you. It features a pause function, an optional audio alert with volume control and an LCD display to set the timer easily.

Puro Sound Labs BT2200s Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones: available at Amazon

Block out distractions with these wireless, noise-canceling headphones. They are safe for little ears with a limited volume, without losing optimum sound. Use the built-in microphone for online learning and enjoy 20 hours of listening time. 

Stretchy Resistance Fidget Bands Toy: available at Amazon

Boost your kid’s concentration and control fidgeting with these super-durable fidget bands. Grab this colorful three pack and easily slip them onto any chair with two front legs at home, school and out-and-about.

Shark Tooth Chew Necklace: available at Amazon

Overcome fidgeting and help your kid stay focused with these necklaces they can chew on, boasting a subtle shark tooth design. They are made up of food-grade silicone, are free from harmful chemicals and feature ultra-safe breakaway clasps and adjustable strings.

Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushion: available at Amazon

Keep those wiggle-bottoms seated and focused with this extra-thick, inflatable wiggle seat. The non-slip, comfortable design is ideal for any seating and perfect for creating a study zone at home. It comes with a pump and has all the best colors to choose from.

Best Organic Focus Supplement: available at Amazon

Get a helping hand from nature with these daily drops filled with brain-feeding herbs such as hibiscus, ginkgo, Gotu kola, Rhodiola, licorice and peppermint. They’re free from preservatives, sugar, caffeine, gluten and are vegan friendly.

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