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If you travel with electronics frequently, opt for an Ogio backpack with dedicated compartment padding or crush-resistant features.

Backpack traveling is much easier when you have one that keeps you organized and protects your valuables. Ogio backpacks come in a range of styles to accommodate your travels, whether you're making your way to the subway or gearing up for an outdoor excursion. It's simple to keep electronics, supplies, or tools accessible in your backpack with Ogio's unique compartment systems, especially ones that are molded to hold specific items like water bottles. Best of all, Ogio backpacks are affordable investments that last through years of everyday use.  

Read our shopping guide, and compare Ogio backpacks to find one that suits your needs. Our top pick, the Ogio International Renegade Rss, is ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing with plenty of compartments to organize equipment.

Considerations when choosing Ogio backpacks

Choosing an Ogio-backpack style

For techies and students

Ogio backpacks with laptop and gaming-console compartments are ideal for techies, students, and commuters. Not only do they safely house electronics, but they also optimize space, so you can bring your gaming accessories or office supplies to any location.

For casual wearers

Individuals who simply need a durable backpack for occasional use, like day trips or visits to the gym, would benefit the most from one of Ogio's compact styles. These smaller lightweight backpacks are spacious enough to hold a tablet, gym clothes, or lunch.

For the outdoors

For outdoor sports, like camping, fishing, hunting, or hiking, there are Ogio backpacks that have weather-resistant material. These durable styles also feature a variety of compartments to keep all accessories both organized and easily accessible.

For riding

Ogio backpacks are also popular among skateboarders, cyclists, and bikers. Compact styles with a high degree of adjustability keep the backpacks close to the body, so riders maintain a center of gravity at all times.


Ogio backpacks are generally between 17 to 19 inches in length, and 13 to 15 inches in width. Because there isn't a big difference in size among Ogio styles, compare their overall capacity instead. The more compartments and functions a style has, the heavier and bulkier it will be.

If you're choosing a backpack based on laptop size, you'll find several Ogio styles to accommodate laptops between 15 and 17 inches. These styles are indicated on the packaging because their interior compartments are specifically designed for the designated laptop size.   


Ogio backpacks feature a variety of adjustability options. Straps can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate individuals of all heights. Some Ogio styles also feature a cross-body pinch-buckle system for a tighter more secure fit.

Compartment types

Main space: Generally speaking, there's always a main space or large compartment in the middle of Ogio backpacks. They're ideal to hold binders and textbooks, and they often have smaller compartments inside them to accommodate other supplies or accessories.

Electronics: Ogio backpack styles designed to protect laptops, tablets, and GPS units have padded compartments that provide a tight fit for each item.

Water bottles: Some Ogio backpacks feature external water bottle compartments for easy access. They're typically present in the form of mesh pockets with an elastic neck.

Small accessories: Ogio backpacks have small compartments that accommodate keys, pens, USB drives, and power cords. They're often open at top to simply slide your items inside them, or they could have Velcro closures for added security.


Ogio backpacks are generally made of nylon blends or canvas. Some nylon blends are thin and lightweight, whereas others are reinforced and are treated to be weather-resistant. Canvas is used in more fashionable Ogio backpack styles. 

Ogio backpack prices

Ogio backpacks cost between $50 and $150. If you're looking for a minimalist or compact backpack, Ogio has some available at the low end of the range. For students, commuters, or travelers with specialized compartment needs, expect to spend more on an Ogio backpack.


Q. Are Ogio backpacks ideal for my children?

A. Ogio backpacks are durable enough to last through more than one school year, so they're a solid pick for middle and high school students. While they can handle regular-size Ogio backpacks, grade-school students might find them to be too bulky or heavy for their stature. If you're sold on the Ogio brand, however, some of their compact styles might be an option for grade school students.

Q. Are all Ogio backpacks designed for camping or outdoor use?

A. While Ogio backpacks are versatile, only some of them are specifically designed for outdoor use. For camping or hiking, look for Ogio styles that feature weather-resistant materials with dedicated compartments, including those for flashlights, water bottles, and GPS units.

Ogio backpacks we recommend

Best of the best: Ogio International Renegade Rss

Our take: Well-designed laptop bag that offers ultra-convenient organization with strategically placed compartments and pockets.

What we like: Ideal for travel given its size and durability. Functional compartment system with a pocket just for tablets.

What we dislike: Even before being filled, bag could feel a bit heavy to some people.

Best bang for your buck: Ogio Alpha Prospect Backpack

Our take: Savvy travelers will appreciate this backpack's high level of organization that is well-suited for swift security inspection.

What we like: Designed with electronics in mind with space to fit larger laptops and crush-proof compartments for valuables.

What we dislike: Not all external compartments are ideal for carrying items you want to reach quickly.

Choice 3: Ogio International Soho Pack

Our take: Fresh styling that sets this backpack apart with a unique silhouette and textile choice.

What we like: Made for students with spacious compartments for full-size books and binders. Expands to hold plenty of items.

What we dislike: Doesn't quite fit the laptop sizes it says it will.

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