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Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto

Ninja is notorious for frequently changing its blender model lineup. You can likely find the features you want on a new model, even if the old one you had your eye on is discontinued.

Ninja made a name for itself with its infamous bullet blender, but there's more to the brand than just the bullet: Ninja also makes cookers, coffee makers, food processors, and blenders. What is it about Ninja blenders that make users choose the brand over others? Ninja manages to pack more power and features into each of its high-quality and affordable blenders.

Our top pick is the Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ. It's a system that rolls all of Ninja's blending power, patented intelligence, and accessories into one appliance.

Considerations when choosing Ninja blenders

Smoothies vs. food processing

Depending on the model, a Ninja blender can handle smoothies only, or it can function more like a smoothie-maker and limited food processor. If you need both the capabilities of a smoothie-maker and a fully functioning food processor with a dough attachment, for example, Ninja offers pricier combination models. Your cooking habits dictate which model is best for you.


Ninja blenders come in compact or larger pitcher sizes. Smaller Ninja blenders are ideal for making single 18- to 24-ounce smoothies. Larger blenders have 72-ounce pitchers for making big batches. If you're the only one in your household that makes smoothies, opt for the smaller bullet size.



Some Ninja blenders have a Smart Vessel Recognition program, which automatically recognizes the vessel that's attached to the base and displays a customized menu of preset programs on the touchscreen.


Blenders are notoriously difficult to clean. An invaluable Ninja feature (available in some models) is the Clean Program, which self-cleans the blender. After pouring some hot water and dish soap in the blender, touch the pulse button for instant cleaning, then rinse. In addition, all Ninja blender models have removable components that are dishwasher-safe.


Ninja's patented blades are known to be some of the sharpest, most durable blades on the blender market. The extractor blades for making smoothies and juice pulverize whole produce and seeds without separating out the fiber. Replacement blades and blade assemblies for any model are readily available. But be careful: handwashing the blades may increase risk of injury.


A number of Ninja blenders come with accessories such as cups with spout lids. Depending on the model, you may find packages that include one or two 20-ounce Tritan(TM) single-serve cups with spout lids, or a 24-ounce double-walled to-go tumbler with a spout lid. Tritan(TM) is a BPA-free, impact-resistant plastic material.

Ninja blender prices

At a lower price point is a $49 NutriBullet high-speed blender or a 24-ounce countertop blender with 900 watts of power for on-the-go smoothies. At about $74 to $81, you can find professional power blenders with larger 72-ounce pitchers. Between $100 up to $172 are high-wattage, high-speed blenders with accessories. The most expensive Ninja blenders are also combination food processors, ranging from $200 to just under $300.


Q. Is a Ninja blender also a juicer?

A. Yes and no. Traditional juicing removes all the pulp and leaves only the juice of your ingredients. The Nutri Ninja model has extractor blades to break down and liquefy whole fruits and vegetables while keeping the fiber that other juicers remove.

Q. Can I put hot liquid into a Ninja blender?

A. The Ninja Chef High-Speed Blender is the appropriate model for putting hot ingredients into the pitcher to blend into soup. In general, Ninja blenders don't heat up the ingredients as they're being blended.

Ninja blenders we recommend

Best of the best: Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ

Our take: The Auto-IQ feature takes the guesswork out of blending.

What we like: The blender comes with all the accessories you need for small and big batches. The extractor blade system pulverizes whole produce and seeds without sacrificing fiber.

What we dislike: As with most Ninja blenders, this model is exceedingly loud.

Best bang for your buck: Ninja Professional 72-Ounce Countertop Blender

Our take: A six-blade system with crushing technology turns ice into snow in seconds.

What we like: An extra-large 72-ounce blender pitcher is ideal for making large batches of frozen drinks or smoothies. The pitcher is a durable plastic, making it lightweight and easy to handle when full.

What we dislike: It's louder than a traditional blender.

Choice 3: Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 Blender

Our take: It packs a lot of power into a compact countertop blender.

What we like: Notches and lines on the base and container let you know when it's completely lined up to guarantee that the unit is secure before turning on. The blender's 900 watts of power pulverize ice and whole produce in a heartbeat.

What we dislike: The seals and gasket can be tough to clean.

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