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If you’re not sure whether you chose the right insoles, check the bottom of your shoes after a few weeks for even wear. If the shoes are worn evenly, you chose well!

Severe foot pain can make you severely miserable. That's why it's important to have the best possible insoles for those tender soles of yours. Foot pain can come from poorly made or ill-fitting shoes. It can also come from constant changing of footwear from one style to another, putting stress on different areas of the foot. Whatever the reason for your foot pain, you deserve to be comfortable. If you need a good pair of insoles, then keep reading.

We created the following buying guide to help you choose the right insoles for your needs. We also included reviews of a few favorites, like our Best of the Best choice, Superfeet's Green Full Length Insole. These trimmable supports have a high arch and a deep heel cup for maximum shock absorption.

Considerations when choosing insoles

Foot problem(s)

If you have regular foot pain, there is likely a specific reason for your suffering. To know which insole would be best for your feet, you need to understand what is causing your pain. It is likely one of the following causes.

High arches place extra weight and pressure on the ball and heel of your foot. Furthermore, there is a great amount of stress placed on the arch itself because it does not get the support it needs. To accommodate high arches, you'll want to look for insoles that have high arch supports.

Overpronation is the condition of feet that face outward, causing most of the contact of walking to fall on the insides of your feet. This is hard on both the muscles and ligaments of your feet. Severe cases can actually lead to heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

Flat feet occur when the entire sole of your foot touches the ground as you walk. It can develop during your early years and is also referred to as fallen arches. The resulting pain may manifest in the heel or arch of the foot. If you have flat feet, look for an insole that lifts your arch to a more moderate position.

Plantar fasciitis is a medical condition that usually causes its worst pain in the morning. It happens when the ligament connecting your heel bone and your toes becomes severely inflamed. Insoles with heel cups can help alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Other issues, such as diabetes or stressed arches, can cause foot pain as well. If you're not sure what the root cause of your foot pain might be, consult a medical professional to help you assess the issue. You'll then be in the best position to choose the right insole for your condition.


Odor control

If you deal with foot odor in addition to foot pain, consider getting a pair of insoles with odor control. Most often, this odor control is achieved through the use of natural baking soda, charcoal, or an antimicrobial coating.

Shock absorption

If you plan to use your insoles for heavy walking or high-impact athletic activity, you may want to get ones that have a shock absorption feature. Most insoles with this feature include gel padding on the parts of the foot that receive the most impact during strenuous exercise.

Individual sizing

While some insoles come in a few standardized sizes that you may need to trim down with scissors to fit, others are made to your specific shoe size. This is a welcome development because the better an insole fits in your shoe, the more it will help with your foot pain. Whenever possible, try to find an insole for your specific shoe size.


The vast majority of insoles cost between $10 and $30. The insoles found in this price range will have most available features, such as odor control, shock absorption, and custom sizing.

Insoles we recommend

Best of the best:  Superfeet's Green Full Length Insole

Our take: Great choice for high arch support.

What we like: These supports earn high praise from people throughout the service industry. They get the job done.

What we dislike: They are expensive and a little slow to break in.

Best bang for your buck: Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Our take: Versatile insole for almost any foot malady.

What we like: Works with any type of shoe, and many users say they get instant pain relief. Great price.

What we dislike: Some people wish the insoles had higher arch support.

Choice 3: Sof Soles Athlete performance FullLength Gel Shoe Insert

Our take: Great choice for both casual and athletic shoes.

What we like: Moisture and odor control work well. Handy men's and women's sizes for easy fit.

What we dislike: The insoles are thicker than some would like.

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